The over £50 range features some of our more spectacular plant varieties, including tropical ranges that boast larger leaves and offer a really dramatic statement look. You will also find great space-saving solutions such as living walls and premium gift sets in this range.

  • Air-Purifying Bundle

    Air-Purifying Bundle

    From £55.00
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  • My Home Bundle

    My Home Bundle

    From £74.00
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  • PlantBox Living Wall Troughs

    PlantBox Living Wall Troughs

    From £120.00
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  • Plant Shelfie Bundle

    Plant Shelfie Bundle

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  • Plant Care Bundle

    Plant Care Bundle

    From £55.00
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  • Areca Palm

    Areca Palm

    From £95.00
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  • Pet-Friendly Houseplant Bundle

    Pet-Friendly Houseplant Bundle

    From £53.00
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  • Trailing Plant Gang

    Trailing Plant Gang

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