Living Walls

Living walls are designed to bring greenery into indoor or outdoor spaces, creating a visually striking and space-saving approach to growing plants, most notably herbs, fruit and vegetables.

  • PlantBox Living Wall Troughs

    PlantBox Living Wall Troughs

    From £120.00
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  • PlantBox Indoor Living Wall with Houseplants

    PlantBox Indoor Living Wall with Houseplants

    From £265.00
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  • Mobilane Living Art Frame

    Mobilane Living Art Frame

    From £150.00
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  • PlantBox Outdoor Living Wall with Herbs

    PlantBox Outdoor Living Wall with Herbs

    From £210.00
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More about Living Walls

The best thing about our living walls is that they don’t have any difficult requirements. They come in two set sizes – small or medium, so you can pick based on the space you have.

These living walls are so easy to put together and attach to a wall, making them perfect if you are really short on space. And if you don’t have a garden, you can bring the outside in!

While you can go for the easy option of ordering your living wall complete with our plants, if you do want to pick your own then companion planting is something you might want to consider. While some plants may attract insects such as aphids, adding certain plants next to them can help to keep these pests away. Try to choose plants that are quite compact to avoid your living wall from getting overgrown – otherwise, you may spend a lot of time pruning and keeping them in check!

To make a huge statement, you can even create patterns with your plants by grouping them.