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Frequently asked questions

We get lots of questions from our lovely customers, so we thought it would be helpful to put some of our answers in one place. Keep reading for answers to our most commonly asked questions and, who knows, you might just learn something new.

General Questions

All our plants come with their own pot or basket, however you can choose a ‘naked plant’ if the option is available. Our pots and baskets are carefully selected and styled so you get the perfect pot for your plant. Then you never have to worry about finding one that fits.

Occasionally, you lot love our plants so much we sell out! We get regular deliveries so it won’t be out of stock for long, unless it’s seasonal like some of our flowering products like Hydrangeas. If you want to contact us, a member of our team can let you know more details, so you don’t have to keep checking in on the website.

It is possible that we may have previously stocked a plant that has been discontinued or it might be that it was seasonal. We often range particular plants for Mothers Day or Christmas and you won’t see them the rest of the year. Get in touch with our team and someone will get back to you.

We would recommend our Sanseveria range and also our Zamioculcas or English Ivy for rooms with low light level. Just remember all plants need some natural light to photosynthesize and grow.

Lots of our plants are suitable for a house with pets. As a nation of pet-lovers we get asked a lot if a plant is safe for your pet. To make it easy for you, we wrote a separate blog all about it. So go and check out our blog all about plants safe for your pets.

You deserve a pat on the back if your plant is growing so much it needs re-potting, so well done from us! To still keep the look and feel, check out our range of Little Botanical pots and choose a pot a size up from the one you have.

Plant Care

We suggest after three or four months you can add some plant feed during watering. This should enhance their growth and keep their leaves nice and green.

Younger monstera plants generally don’t always have the characteristic split leaves. Pop it in a light spot and ensure it is watered regularly and the split leaves should come through.

Lower leaves can turn yellow when the plant has been overwatered. Double-check the plant is not sitting in water and if it is, pour this away. Next, remove the yellow leaves and only give your plant some water every 3-4 weeks. Alternatively, check it to see if it feels light in weight or if the soil looks dry – those are signs that it now needs a water. Sometimes the top layer of the soil can appear dry but when you pick up the plant there is some weight to it, as the soil is moist underneath, so it is good to do both of these checks.

Tiny dry tips on a Calathea plant are perfectly normal and also seen in nature. It is also quite common for the odd lower leaf to turn brown and shrivel up, just remove these lower leaves. Calatheas enjoy light but not direct sunlight, as this can cause their leaves to scorch. Also, keep this plant away from draughts as they also don’t like to be too cold and this might cause some of the leaves to drop.  Generally, Calatheas like to be kept quite moist – don’t let them dry out for too long as their leaves curl up.

It sounds like this plant has been overwatered.. easy to do with succulents so don’t feel too bad. Succulent plants do not like to sit in water and will rot if they have had too much. To check, push back the moss and check how moist the soil is. You could possibly remove the plant from its pot and let it dry out a little but it may be beyond help if it has started to rot.

Most of our trailing plant range, including String of Hearts and Peperomia Rotundifolia have little leaves and they are quite delicate. Don’t worry, as they have lots of tiny leaves and are fairly fast-growing. More leaves will come through soon.


You can easily add a gift message to the gift box message section on ordering and we will hand-write your message on our Little Botanical postcards. They’re perfect for sending a living gift to someone.

Absolutely! Please visit our personalisation FAQ page for more information.

We stock two different varieties of Sansevieria Snakey and these are picked and packed at random by our packing team. There is a note explaining this on the product page on our website. If you’re really not happy then get in touch with our team and we would be happy to discuss it.

We stock four different varieties of Calathea and these are picked and packed at random by our packing team. There is a note explaining this on the Calathea product page.

Due to increased pressure on our delivery network we have taken the decision to introduce a minimum £20 spend per order. This will ensure we are able to maximise the capacity through the distribution network and reduce unnecessary packaging. You can be safe in the knowledge that your plants will be delivered as quickly, and sustainably, as possible.


No problem, please send us a photo along with your order number and we will send out a replacement pot for you. This very occasionally happens during delivery, please notify us within 72 hours of the delivery. There is no need to return the pot!

Sometimes consignments get split up so please allow another day and if the remainder of your order still hasn’t arrived, then email us at [email protected] with your order number and we can look into this for you. Don’t worry, we will make sure you get all of your order.

We’re so sorry about this. Please send us a photo along with your order number and we will rectify this ASAP for you. There is no need to return the wrong order.

All of our lovely customers have the opportunity to include a personal message with their green gifts, however if your gift doesn’t arrive with a message, unfortunately, due to data protection, we are unable to give you the senders details. We are very happy to contact the sender, however, and ask them to make themselves known to you.

We offer two shipping options, ‘Standard’ and ‘Express’ shipping. Standard shipping will take 3-5 working days, however if you would like to receive your order faster, then our Express shipping takes between 1-2 working days. You can selected your preferred shipping option at checkout.

NB: Free shipping will be given on orders over £65 (mainland UK orders only), but will be shipped as standard delivery.