We get asked the question  “Which houseplants are safe for my pets?”  a lot by you guys. All of our plants will have a section letting you know if it’s safe to be around your furry friends. We also have a category dedicated solely to pet-friendly plants. The image below shows where you can find this information.

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As our pets are so important to us all, we thought we’d write a little blog going into more detail to keep you all updated! We’ve recently released a special Pet-friendly Plant Bundle for all you pet lovers out there so you can rest assured that all of these hand-picked plants are perfectly pet safe.

Did you know we are a nation of animal lovers? A huge 50% of us own a pet. The figures are pretty close when it comes to the question, cats or dogs. Just over a quarter (26%) of UK adults have a dog, and just under a quarter (24%) have a cat. 

It’s certainly clear to us that you adore your kitties & pooches, and being an office full of pet owners, we wanted to pass on everything we know about plants that are safe for pets. We had the most fun photoshoot recently with lots of greenery, a gorgeous home and Fleur the Pug.  She wooed even the non-dog lovers amongst us! Maybe you’ve seen her on our insta?! 

So does your pet nibble everything from slippers and shoes to your latest on-trend greenery? Or do they ignore all your latest plant additions? Either way, our guide is here to help you know your toxic from your non-toxic plants to ensure you can keep your four-legged friends safe.

Plants Toxic to Animals

When we talk about plants toxic to animals, this means that they can make them pretty sick. How sick depends on a few things – the plant, the animal and how much they nibble! There is a pretty long list of the plants that are toxic to pets, so we have added some helpful links at the bottom of this post. Essentially, we would recommend you steer clear of Lilies, Asparagus Ferns, Aloe Vera, Hydrangeas and Bulbs. All of these are sadly known to make our pets poorly.

There are certain ways to deter your pet from getting too close to your plants, such as putting some spices around them. However, if you have a dog or cat that can get a bit curious it is best not to take the risk. To ensure you keep your pet safe and well, avoid these plants completely.

Safe Plants for Animals

Luckily, most succulents are safe for pets! There are many varieties in the succulent family so they make the perfect non-toxic pet-friendly plants for dogs and cats. We also find that pets seem less interested when a new succulent turns up in their home, perhaps it’s the fact they are smaller and firmer, therefore harder to bite! 

Our Haworthias are first on the safe for pets plant list.  These come in two sizes so they work nicely when grouped together in a plant gang or plant shelfie! The Haworthia Big Band is an office favourite at The Little Botanical with its stunning, distinctive stripy leaves. The Mini Haworthia makes the cutest little gift and is a great choice for newbie plant owners!

If you are looking for a pet-safe houseplant that may be a bit more green and leafy, then try our Calathea. Known as a prayer plant because its leaves fold together, this is a perfect non-toxic plant for your furry friend and easy to look after too. Get into the routine of watering them once a week and they will grow beautifully. 

Popular since the Victorian era, the Chamaedorea or ‘parlour palm’ was a plant that could make a real statement about your status, or what you wanted it to be! You can still make a statement with this exotic plant and it is one that your pets will be happy with too. Our parlour palm comes with a nice sturdy pot included. An added benefit is that it is on the NASA list of air-purifying plants. It’s a real all-rounder.

Our popular Boston Fern is another plant safe for cats and dogs. This is pretty easy to look after – you can keep it in the pot it comes with or hang it up for a stylish look. Just keep an eye on the room’s humidity as Boston Ferns don’t like to dry out! If you’re looking for a slightly different variant, then our stunning new Blue Star Fern might be the one for you. Also known as the Phlebodium aureum, this plant is perfect for bathrooms and kitchens and will make good friends with your pets! We have a brand new fern to our collection too in the form of the adorable Button Fern – super cute and super safe for pets.

Pilea Peperomioides is a little bit of a mouthful but also perfectly safe should your pets get their mouths on this one! With a number of nicknames including the Chinese Money Plant, Pancake Plant or UFO plant, this is such an easy plant to look after. It doesn’t like being too wet or too dry, but can be left to its own devices a bit. Our Chinese Money Plant comes with its own grey ceramic pot, so you won’t even need to spend any more on it!

A new plant to our collection is the Musa Banana plant. We can’t resist saying we are bananas about this one (sorry!). Like many of our plants, this has a few nicknames such as the Cavendish Plant and Musa Tropicana. Whatever you like to call it, this brilliant banana plant is a friend to your household pets. It will be the perfect addition to your plant collection and if your cat or dog has a bit of a munch on it, you’ll only be sad for the fate of your plant!

Another newbie we have is the trailing Pilea Glauca. This is not only safe for our pets, it is also a silent air-purifier. It is perfect sitting on shelves and you don’t have to worry about putting it somewhere high given it isn’t toxic to our furry friends.

Do you have a friend who is mad about their cats and is looking for something flowering and safe for kitty? Our British grown orchids are pet-friendly and look fabulous when in bloom. We can’t promise that the cats won’t take too much of a liking to our orchids, so just pop them in a safe place where a cheeky cat won’t nudge them with their little paws.

Note: If you’re not sure which plants are safe and you don’t want to take any risks, then take a look at our Orchids. The ASPCA and other animal protection organisations have agreed that members of the Orchidaceae family are non-toxic towards pets.

We really hope this short guide has helped point you in the right direction for plants that are safe for your pets, but please drop us an email if we can help with anything else – just email us at [email protected]  We would generally always advise you to keep your pets away from your plants for their own safety.  Put them out of their reach to help keep your plants looking beautiful and your pets happy! If there really is a plant that you are set on but isn’t so pet-friendly, you could put it in a living wall where it is at a height that your pet can’t possibly get at it.

There are also some wonderful sources on the internet that we highly recommend if there are any plants you absolutely love and want to check if they are toxic or non-toxic to pets.  We’d also recommend that if you don’t know, always check first!  

Finally, we couldn’t leave you without showing you the full photo of our favourite pug, Fleur! Here she is modelling a new addition to the plant family at The Little Botanical. Launching in the Spring, the Boston Fern is a great plant for your bathroom or kitchen and is safe for pets too!  Follow us on social media and sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know when our new range launches. 

See you soon,

Team TLB and Fleur the Pug (Woof)