Succulents & Cacti

Known for their toughness and durability, our succulent and cacti house plants are really easy to look after. They are great for people with busy schedules as you only need to give succulent and cacti a drink once every three to four weeks. Amazing!

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More about our Succulents & Cacti

One reason we love succulents is that they only need a small amount of space to create a huge impact. Whether it’s on the end of your desk, perching on a shelf or on the window-sill, a pretty little succulent will take centre-stage regardless of where you place it.

Succulents make excellent gifts as they suit everyone regardless of how much they know about looking after plants. Some of our most popular succulents to give as presents include the heart succulent plant, the Hoya Kerrii. You can also get a version of this with two hearts, for double the love! We love this heart-shaped succulent and it is so simple to care for. Whether you are buying it for for Valentine’s, Mother’s or Father’s Day or even just because, our heart succulent is a best-seller.

Caring for your Succulents and Cactus Plants

Succulents and cacti are good at resisting pests, which not all indoor plants are capable of. Succulents don’t need much special care, which makes them a perfect option for anyone looking for low-maintenance greenery in their homes.

While they are resilient little fellows, succulents do love the sun and need four to six hours a day to stay healthy. We’ve compiled everything you need to know on indoor succulents in our guide, so please have a read of this for further information.

And don’t forget, our succulents come in their own pots so you don’t have to worry about finding its perfect fit. You can pick from a range of pot colours for most of our succulents.