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Shopping for a home for your greenery?

Here we have all the information you need to know about The Little Botanical’s pot sizes.

At The Little Botanical, we know how important it is to get the ideal pot for your precious plants. In fact, almost all our plants come with the perfect sized pot. However, if you have a green beauty that needs a new pot, we have an extensive range of stylish pots and baskets ready and waiting to meet all your plant styling needs. Whether you’re nurturing a mini succulent or showcasing a Strelizia Bird of we have the perfect pot size to enhance your green beauties in their forever home.

For repotting, please note:
For the best results, repot your plants in the springtime and move them into a container that is roughly two inches larger than their current one. When repotting use a high-quality potting soil and gently loosen its roots before placing it into the new container.




Mini (Up to 7cm diameter)

Our Mini pots are designed to accentuate tiny treasures like miniature succulents and baby cacti, up to 7cm growing pots. These pots are designed by us and individually hand finished in Portugal. These little pots come in a variety of finishes from concrete to reactive glazes and will highlight the beauty of your mini plant collection for sure.

Small (Up to 9cm diameter)

The Small pots will accommodate your small to medium-sized plants up to 9cm growing pots. Whether it’s a small orchid or a chunky succulent, these pots provide an ideal environment for your botanical companions and are available in various colours and finishes to suit any home.

Medium (Up to 13cm diameter)

If you’re tending to a slightly larger plant with steady growth, our Medium pots and Belly Baskets are the perfect choice for all houseplants and flowering plants up to a 13cm growing pot. Offering ample space for root expansion, this bespoke pots and baskets ensure the sustained health and vitality of your plants. Our pots are available in a choice of colours from Almond, Charcoal & Textured Grey and we also offer a Marble Plant stand in this stand. This hardware has been perfectly designed for your green leafy houseplants. The Belly baskets are expertly lined so enable you to recreate the sought after boho look in any room.




Extra large


Big (Up to 17cm diameter)

Elevate your interior with statement plants that command attention by choosing our Big pots and Belly Baskets that house all plants up to a 17cm growing pot. These pots and baskets are well-suited for larger plants, such as pretty Peace Lilies or Zamioculcas and large Calathea. The ceramics are designed to be natural and have a lovely concrete grey finish. We guarantee your greenery will effortlessly become the captivating focal point of any room in our bespoke Little Botanical Pots. Likewise the seagrass and sustainable cotton baskets are lined so allow you to place your greenery in any room housed in a stylish Little Botanical belly basket.

Large (Up to 21cm

Looking for a home for your more substantial houseplants or ready to re-pot a houseplant into a bigger pot. Our Large pots and lined seagrass and sustainable cotton baskets are designed to impress. The substantial pots are of a quality design and have a bespoke natural hand finished concrete look. They are perfect for a Dracaena or a tall Yucca. Designed by us and made in Portugal, these pots provide abundant space for your plants to thrive while making a bold style statement.

Extra large (Up to 24cm

When it comes to accommodating extra-large plants like the Swiss Cheese plant or a mature Ficus Elastica, our XL ceramic pots and baskets are the ultimate choice. These ceramic pots and natural seagrass lined baskets offer generous space for root development, ensuring stability and allowing your plants to grow tall and proud. They will happily house a plant up to 24cm in growing pot size and look perfect in your home.

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