Sansevierias are one of our all-time favourite plants at The Little Botanical, they are super stylish and they have some incredible features such as air purification. They are also one of our easiest plants to care for, surviving easily in low light and with very little water.

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More about Sansevieria plants

Sansevieria are particularly distinctive – they also come in different styles, but you will be sure to recognise at least two of these, whether in an office, shop or restaurant. You can learn all about caring for your Sansevieria variety in our guide to owning and caring for Sansevieria or for some quick tips, check out our Sansevieria care guide.

The Sansevieria, often called the “Snake Plant” or “Mother-in-Law’s Tongue,” is well-known for its air-purifying properties. It is an excellent choice for indoor environments because it can help improve air quality.

Sansevieria plants typically require minimal care. Regular dusting of its leaves and occasional repotting are some of the main maintenance tasks. This is what makes it so unpopular – they are nearly unkillable!