Summer Fiesta Duo


A gorgeous bright duo, a Blue Star Fern, paired with a Sansevieria Snakey, we know this gorgeous pair is going to be loved by all.

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A summery bundle of joy, this gorgeous duo includes:

– 1x Sansevieria Snakey in a yellow TLB ceramic

– 1x Blue Star Fern in a green TLB ceramic.

The Blue Star Fern has elongated fronds which are a stunning soft blue–green colour, making this plant a great addition to your indoor jungle, adding beautiful contrast to all the greenery. The soft green ceramic perfectly compliments the blue coloured leaves, making this a stunning combination. Its ability to tolerate lower-light conditions and relatively easy care, make it a great choice for both beginners and more experienced plant lovers.

Sansevieria Snakey’s are native to Africa and Madagascar so thrive in warmer conditions and love bright light but will be quite happy in partially shaded areas. They also don’t mind a little neglect so you can enjoy their presence without worrying about them needing too much care. What’s not to love about these bright, summery ceramic pots.

Both arriving in our summer collection ceramic pots, making this a ready to go gift, we’ll handwrite your gift message for you too.

Please note the colour and pattern of Sansevieria may vary and as these plants are known as rough and ready beauties; splits, markings, tip discoloration and imperfections on the leaves are very normal.

These limited edition ceramic pots are a new favourite in Team TLB.

Additional information


Low maintenance

Suitable for

Bathroom, Bedroom, Darker corners, Desk/Study

Estimated Plant Height (CM)

Medium plants (up to 40cm)

Internal Pot Diameter (CM)



Ceramic, Green Summer Ceramic, Summer Collection, Yellow Summer Ceramic


Snake Plant, Mother-In-Law's Tongue, Sansevieria Zeylanica, Viper's bowstring hemp, Phlebodium aureum







Light Level



Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen, Living Room, Office

Plant Type

Plant Care

Don’t be over generous with your watering your Snakey. Water this gorgeous guy once every 2-3 weeks. We recommend watering from the base and allow to soak for 10 minutes in a sink with cool water, If the soil looks damp, let it dry out a little before adding more water. Feed with a generic houseplant feed every couple of months however this shouldn’t be needed for the first 3-6 months.

The Blue Star Fern enjoys having slightly moist soil, ensure the fern is watered thoroughly once the surface of the soil is dry. Make sure the plant can drain and never allow this blue beauty to sit in water as this will cause the roots to rot. Like all ferns, the Blue Star Fern loves to be misted and likes high humidity.

You can let the soil become dry to the touch between watering. Is happiest in a bright area of full sun and equally happy in partial shade. conditions indoors.


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Adding a pop of colour to your indoor jungle has never been so easy. Low maintenance and perfect for that houseplant loving friend.