Asparagus Fern & Succulent Gang

Asparagus Fern & Succulent Gang


The Asparagus fern in neutral stoneware with two perfect Echeveria succulents in concrete ceramics is one super stylish collection.

Care needs: Low Maintenance PlantsPet-friendly: NoLight level: Medium Light

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Bring some urban jungle vibes to your home with this feathery Asparagus Fern in Neutral stoneware paired with two Echeveria succulents in our on-trend concrete pots.

This plant gang is the perfect mix of urban jungle and contemporary style. It's ideally suited for an interior-lover looking to create an oasis of zen in their home.

The Asparagus Fern looks beautifully delicate and is feathery in nature. It will add texture and interest to your indoor jungle. Although delicate, this fern isn’t too tricky to look after. Just make sure he is well-watered and that he enjoys an occasional mist. The Asparagus Fern comes paired with the cutest Echeveria Miranda succulents in stylish concrete pots. This plant gang will sit perfectly in your home and is guaranteed to enhance your interior space.

The soft, fine fronds of the Asparagus Fern in The Little Botanical neutral stoneware pot make this beauty unique in every way. Style this Asparagus Fern with the two little succulents in concrete pots on a shelf or on a coffee table to add some green to your indoor space.

Included in this plant gang:
Asparagus Fern 
– Medium Succulent (Molded Wax Agave)
– Mini Succulent (Molded Wax Agave)

The frilly, feathery Asparagus Fern appears soft and feathery. But when taking care of your Asparagus Fern, you may be surprised to find they have thorny spurs so please take care when handling him! As with all ferns high humidity is key and make sure you don’t let the soil dry out.

The ceramic pots are made of stoneware and unglazed. They are gorgeously rustic, so small imperfections, lines and marks are all very normal and this is part of their character.

The Asparagus Fern Plant Gang arrive potted in our stylish stoneware ceramic pots and our classic concrete pots, making this an absolutely stunning green collection for your home.


The Asparagus Fern enjoys having slightly moist soil, ensure the fern is watered thoroughly once every 7-10 days. Make sure the plant can drain and never allow this fragile feathery plant to sit in water, as this will cause the roots to rot. Like all ferns, the Asparagus Fern loves to be misted and likes high humidity.

Don’t forget to keep away from radiators. We suggest he avoids direct bright sunlight in Summer months as this will scorch the leaves. He’s not keen on being touched very much, so we suggest he is placed somewhere where he will thrive, sitting on a shelf, where he won’t be bothered.

Mirandas are easy going little succulents; water once every 3-4 weeks, just a small amount under the leaves, straight into the soil and be careful not to water over the leaves.

Miranda Care Guide

Also known as the Moulded Wax Agave, the Miranda is a low-maintenance succulent we just know you’re going to love. It’s native to semi-desert areas of Mexico, Central America, and north-western South America, so it enjoys warm, dry, and...

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  • Love love love these. One pot was broken when it arrived but the brilliant team at TLB sent me a replacement - very happy customer x

    michelle_colville 1 year ago

    5 / 5