Houseplants and Coaster Gift Set

Houseplants and Coaster Gift Set


A stunning and sustainable set of 2 Mango Wood coasters, perfectly paired with our stylish stoneware houseplants. A gorgeous gift set for that plant-loving friend.

Care needs: Low Maintenance PlantsPet-friendly: NoLight level: Medium Light

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A gift set of 2 sustainable Mango Wood coasters and 2 leafy houseplants in our stunning stoneware pots, making this a stylish and eco-friendly gift.

This gift set is the perfect addition for plant lovers. 2 Large Mango Wood coasters and a duo of leafy houseplants in Little Botanical stylish stoneware pots makes a beautiful collection. This gorgeous gift set is the perfect all in one plant lovers package. Why not send this gang as a happy new home present.

These gorgeous round, natural wooden coasters are the ideal size to sit under our stylish, stoneware pots. These coasters also look fab to style up a sideboard or drinks trolley.

Each coaster is branded with the stylish TLB logo. They come as a set of 2, tied with natural twine and a copper Little Botanical Tag, making the gift oh-so-special.  Fancy adding a smaller set of coasters to complete the look, check out Small Mango Wood coasters (Set of 4).

This gang of gorgeous greenery is a great way to introduce a newbie to greenery or makes the ideal gift for a plant lover who wants to add some stylish tropical vibes to their jungle.  The Devils Ivy and Peace Lily houseplants are known to be easy-care, they'll even let you know if you have forgotten to water them as their leaves will visibly wilt.  A good drink will revive them and their leaves will perk up and look fresh again.

Arriving in our stoneware pots, we've taken the hassle out of finding a pot that fits these 2 leafy beauties. These houseplants look fabulous individually popped around your kitchen or living space. Why not group them together as they'll love the extra humidity of being in a gang close together?

This  gang includes:

- Peace Lily in Charcoal Pot.

- Devil's Ivy in Almond Pot.

- Large Mango Wood coasters (Set of 2)

Mango wood is sourced from mango trees native to South and South-East Asia, with the highest concentration in India.  These fruit-bearing trees are largely cultivated for their fruit. Using mango wood to make homewares means the wood can continue to be useful after the tree has become too tall to harvest. The mango farmer is able to plant new trees in place of the old ones and receives additional income from the wood that he sells.

Mango wood is incredibly hard-wearing and water-resistant. So, you can rest assured it will continue to protect your surface and last for years to come.

Like other wood, your mango wood coasters will mature and change colour with age.

Please note: Mango wood is most commonly golden brown but can feature shades of yellow or contain black or pink streaks. The pattern, colour and veining of the coasters will vary, as they all have a natural grain and different patterns make each one unique. Don't think of these as flaws, we think they are just as lovely as each other.


Peace lilies are afraid of being overwatered. Check the soil at least once a week to see if they need a drink. If you see the leaves starting to droop, a big drink of water will revive your Spathiphyllum. Keep out of draughts and away from radiators. Peace Lilies can be placed in most light areas in your home, more flowers will appear if kept in a brighter spot. Avoid direct sunlight in the Summer months as this will scorch the leaves.

Peace lilies do not need frequent fertilizing. Feed with a houseplant food one to two times per year will be enough to keep the plant happy.

Devil’s Ivy are easy going houseplants and require very little care; keep out of draughts and away from radiators. Avoid direct bright sunlight as this will scorch the leaves. Water when soil is dry, usually every 1-2 weeks. Do not let the plant stand in water.

Peace Lily Care Guide

Known by its Latin name, Spathiphyllum, the Peace Lily is an air-purifying beauty with long-lasting blooms. It evokes a sense of calmness and looks great in any space.

Read guide
  • These plants are great! Came well packaged as always, and looking lovely and healthy. The pots are also really nice, and the coasters are pretty thick and of a high quality. Would definitely recommend as a lovely set!

    Emma +6 months ago

    5 / 5