Peace Lily


An air-purifying beauty with white long-lasting blooms.


Just look at those gorgeous dark green leaves and white flowers. The “flowers” are actually leaf bracts that form as the white blooms.

The peace lily is the perfect houseplant as it is super easy to read. If the soil is too dry, the stems will droop, this is their way of asking for more water. Give it a little drink and it will be fresh and lively again within the hour. Just be careful not to overwater this leafy beauty as this can cause the leaves to discolour.

Did you know that the Peace Lily AKA Spathiphyllum is known as a bringer of peace; the white blooms represent the white flag which is recognised as a truce signal.  Add a Peace Lily to your living space to brighten a corner and purify the air, bringing some peace and tranquillity to your home.

Additional information


Needs regular TLC, Requires a little more attention

Suitable for:

Bathroom, Bedroom, Desk/Study, High humidity, Kitchen, Light spaces, Living Space

Estimated Plant Height (CM):

Medium plants (up to 40cm)

Internal Pot Diameter (CM):


Pot Height (CM):



Grey pot





Plant Care

Peace lilies are afraid of being overwatered. Check the soil at least once a week to see if they need a drink. If you see the leaves starting to droop, a big drink of water will revive your Spathiphyllum. Keep out of draughts and away from radiators. Peace Lilies can be placed in most light areas in your home, more flowers will appear if kept in a brighter spot. Avoid direct sunlight in the Summer months as this will scorch the leaves.

Peace lilies do not need frequent fertilizing. Feed with a houseplant food one to two times per year will be enough to keep the plant happy.


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Peace Lilies are the perfect houseplant with their gorgeous green leaves and simple white blooms, these plants will happily look great in any space; a bathroom or bedroom works well as they are one of our air-purifying heroes.