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The Best Houseplants for Your Bathroom

14 March 2023 | Trending Houseplants

Did you know that green is set to be THE colour for on trend bathrooms this year? But don’t panic, we don’t mean that it’s time to replace your classy bathroom suite with an avocado throwback! We (of course) mean, that it’s time to give your bathroom an injection of jungle chic with some all-new gorgeous greenery in the form of bathroom houseplants. Adding plants is such a simple and effective way to instantly transform a room and a bathroom is no exception to this. Whether you’re looking to add those final touches to a bathroom that you already love or you’re dreaming of a brand new suite but can’t quite stretch to that at the moment, moisture loving plants are a fabulous addition. So find out the very best houseplants for your bathroom, as picked by us!

Hoya Kerri

There is a gorgeous array of houseplants that thrive in humidity making them just perfect for a bathroom. The more you include, the more effective they will be. These green beauties will add a gorgeous pop of colour and they’ll love soaking up that excess moisture that a bathroom handily provides.

Take a look at our pick of the best bathroom-loving plants. Before long you’ll have an oh-so-enviable leafy, green bathroom-scape.

Simply add a trendy new bathmat and shelf (for even more plant styling options!) and your bathroom refresh will be complete.

Moisture Loving Plants for Your Bathroom


Ferns make a fab choice for bathroom houseplants because they absolutely love humidity. They can be a little on the tricky side to care for, so popping them in your bathroom will help you to easily nail their humidity needs. We think ferns look oh-so-gorgeous nestled on a bathroom shelf or window sill that doesn’t get too much full sun.

The Boston Fern, with his distinctive feathery fronds, will add instant soft texture to your bathroom. In addition to his love of humidity, it needs indirect light and consistently moist soil to thrive.

If your interest has been piqued by the Boston Fern, you can learn a bit more about him and his care needs in our handy guide: All You Need to Know About the Boston Fern.

Perhaps an Asparagus Fern is more up your street. His delicate, oh-so-feathery fronds will make an elegant focal point in your bathroom. Here he will thrive thanks to the high humidity levels. Make sure his soil is kept slightly moist and keep him away from draughts and radiators. This will ensure you have a very happy bathroom buddy.

And to round up our fern picks for your bathroom houseplants, the Blue Star Fern, with his stunning bluey-green hue and elongated fronds, makes a particularly gorgeous addition to your bathroom jungle.

Just like his fern family, he will love the humidity from your bathroom. He needs his soil to be moist but not sodden to really thrive.

If we’ve sold you on ferns being the perfect plants for your bathroom and you’d like to go big with these beauties, take a look at our handy bundles. The Fern Duo pairs the Boston and Asparagus varieties, both potted in our oh-so-chic grey glazed ceramics. Then you have the Fern Trio Plant Gang, combining all three of our showcased varieties. All are potted in our urban cool grey and almond stoneware.

Areca Palm

Bring some tropical vibes to your bathroom with this next pick; the majestic Areca Palm. Pop him in a larger bathroom to brighten up an empty corner with his distinctive lush green, elongated leaves. Standing tall with a height of at least 80cm, he really will make an eye-catching green feature. He comes potted in our signature cotton and seagrass belly basket for extra stylish texture. You could even get a matching basket for your spare loo rolls!

To keep this statement plant happy and healthy, make sure he has a bright spot away from direct sunlight. Keep his soil moist but not saturated – a drink once a week should do the trick.

View our full range of Palm options here. 

Hoya Heart

Another moisture-loving plant that will thrive in your bathroom is the Hoya Kerrii Heart succulent. Sure to bring a smile to your face as you brush your teeth, these cuties are super easy to look after too. Simply give them a little bit of water underneath the leaves, straight into the soil no more than once a month.

And what’s more, they make a fabulously versatile choice for styling your bathroom too as they come in either a single or double heart in a choice of 9 different ceramics so you’re sure to find one that perfectly complements your bathroom décor. You can even go for the Bundle of Hearts. This has five single hearts all potted in our bespoke pink and copper ceramic to bring a gorgeously soft and feminine vibe to a bare shelf.

Mini Peperomia Piccolo

This leafy, little succulent makes a wonderful addition to a more compact bathroom. The Mini Peperomia Piccolo’s small size means he can squeeze onto the edge of a shelf or the corner of a vanity unit. What he lacks in size he makes up for in gorgeously patterned, textured style. And potted in our signature grey and copper-dipped ceramic, he just keeps notching up those points on the bathroom style-o-meter.

He’s easy to care for too! Simply give him some water every 10 days or so, rotating him occasionally to encourage even growth.


Widely known as a Swiss Cheese Plant, the Monstera, with his distinctive large, vibrant green leaves, is another versatile choice for indoor jungle vibes in your bathroom. If your bathroom is bright and spacious you might choose the Big Monstera for a focal point. It can come in either our signature belly basket or grey pot. However, if your bathroom is not on the roomy side, you can still incorporate a Monstera into your green styling. Check out our medium-sized Monstera which is available in our elegantly understated varnished ceramic. It also comes in the uber-trendy copper bullet stand.

To keep these stunning bathroom houseplants happy, water them once a week. Allow the soil to dry out on top in between each drink. You can also gently remove any dust build-up from those gorgeous leaves to keep them at their shiny best and ensure optimum photosynthesis.

Aloe Vera

There are so many great reasons to include an Aloe Vera in your bathroom jungle. With his distinctive upright leaves he adds a unique and unusual style, he has fab healing properties and he is a top-notch air purifier. Pop this guy on a sunny window sill to enjoy the view and the air-purifying benefits. To keep him happy he’ll need water once his soil has dried out and plenty of light.

Our Pink Cashmere Candle Gift set features the Aloe Plant and makes a great addition to any bathroom.

Aloe Vera

Devil’s Ivy

This devilishly handsome houseplant is a must-have for those of you with high-up shelves in your bathroom that are just crying out for a bit of green. The Devil’s Ivy is one of the most easy going plants you’ll ever meet, his resilience and hardiness make him a super choice for newbie and time poor plant parents. Pop him on that high-up shelf and let those gorgeous, green variegated leaves trail beautifully.

He doesn’t need much in the way of care either (hence the resilient reputation!) but do give him a drink every 1 to 2 weeks and he’ll enjoy a nice, bright spot away from direct sunlight.

Peace Lily

If you love a long, luxurious bath, then the Peace Lily, known as ‘the bringer of peace’, could be the bathroom houseplant companion for you. With gorgeous green stems contrasting beautifully with the white blooms, this houseplant is sure to enhance your feelings of serenity as you bathe. He’s a top-performing air-purifying plant too.

As well as enjoying the moist environment that your bathroom has to offer, your Peace Lily will also like a bright spot away from direct sunlight. It likes water about once a week when the top layers of soil have dried out.

Spider Plant

Unlike an avocado suite, this is the kind of retro style you do want in your bathroom! We just love the easy-care creds and tropical retro vibes that come with the trailing Spider Plant. His long, thin, palm-like leaves are pretty easy on the eye too. And if you’re a little short on space, why not add a little bit of boho to your retro chic with the Spider Plant in a macramé hanger.

In terms of care needs, as well as the humidity in your bathroom, the Spider Plant will enjoy a bright spot away from direct sunlight and water about once a week when the soil has dried out.


So there you have it, our top picks of moisture-loving plants that will live happily in your bathroom. We hope you enjoy creating your very own green bathroom-scape; let the bathroom jungle vibes roll. As always, if you have any questions or want some advice on any of your bathroom houseplants, do get in touch at [email protected]

Until next time plant tribe.

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