Extra Large

Exra large house plants can bring a truly dramatic and tropical look to your home. They are also a clever way to break up large spaces. We have a huge selection of extra large houseplants (100-150cm in height).

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More about our extra large houseplants

Extra large houseplants are popular choices as they add instant style to a room. As well as being stylish, they can also be functional. Large houseplants can be strategically placed to create natural room dividers or screens, providing privacy and dividing spaces in open floor plans.

Incorporating large plants into your interior design can align with the principles of biophilic design, which emphasizes the connection between humans and nature. This can create a harmonious and comfortable living environment. This is something we are big fans of.

As a tip, many large plants love brighter light to maintain their foliage. In most cases, they will benefit greatly from being in areas that get lots of sunlight. They also have a much greater leaf surface area so may need cleaning fairly regularly if they are in a dusty area.