Our best-sellers collection features a wide range of plants of all shapes and sizes, but every plant has a special place in the heart of our customers. From the beloved Snakey, to the healthy Ginseng and the gigantic Monstera!

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More about our Best-sellers

What does it take for a plant to be a best-seller? Well, we believe there are a few key features that help get houseplants onto our best-seller list. Firstly, they look good. Regardless of the style you’re after, many houseplants are classics and will fit in anywhere. If you’re going for the maximalist look or you want something sleek and refined, certain plants just cover all bases.

Another crucial feature of our best-selling plants is often how easy they are to maintain. If a plant is virtually unkillable, then it is going to appeal to a lot of people! We’ve all been there where we have busy lives and watering isn’t top of the to do list. So a plant that won’t dry out quickly and die is very appealing.

Our plant bundles are also extremely popular. We help curate plants that complement each other perfectly, giving you a go-to option to get the look you are going for, accompanied by the perfect pots.