Jungle in a Box

Jungle in a Box


A selection of our 13cm British-grown, peat-free indoor houseplants, perfect to brighten up your indoor space and bring the outdoors in. Create your very own oasis at home with an abundance of British-grown green houseplants.

Care needs: Low Maintenance PlantsPet-friendly: NoLight level: Medium Light

Grown by usGrown by us

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I’m Peat-Free, British-grown and I arrive direct to your door as a box of 10 houseplants! The perfect mix of foliage of various varieties; it couldn’t be easier to transform your space with greenery.

The Little Botanical’s Jungle in a Box is a set of 10 Peat-Free medium-sized houseplants measuring between 30-45cm in total height. Included in each box is a mix of these British grown varieties.

Please note: this mix may vary depending on the time of year and availability, however, in each box no 2 plants will be the same.

Want to complete the look, check out our pots and baskets under Accessories. These are our top picks for gorgeous pots that fit these plants; Summer Houseplant pots - perfect to bring a pop of colour to your home. Elevate your plants with our Marble Plant Stand or add some neutral styling with our Almond and Charcoal Stoneware Houseplant pots these will suit every home.

Once unpacked, give them a little to drink and let them acclimatise to their forever home. We promise the variety and mix of different houseplants will really add wow-factor and create the sought after Urban Jungle look we all adore!

Jungle in a box

Caring for your Jungle in a Box

Position in a spot with good light and water once every 7-10 days. Most indoor houseplants don’t need much fertilization and a simple liquid fertilizer once a year will be enough to keep them happy. Try out our houseplant food from Plantsmith. We suggest trimming off any old leaves once a month, this will encourage new healthy growth. Our indoor houseplants can be been kept in their growers pots – simply pop them in ceramic pots so they can drain any excess away when being watered.

This plant is grown in The Little Botanical’s peat-free soil, which is specially formulated with environmentally-friendly ingredients to support the plant’s growth while reducing our impact on the planet, reflecting our commitment to sustainable practices.