Plant Shelfie Bundle


Create your very own plant shelfie with this cute selection of mini succulents and cacti! All different and in stylish Little Botanical ceramics. Now you just need to find the shelf.


This mix of succulents and cactus potted in our stylish grey and copper and the classic black and gold pots are the perfect sizes to create your very own plant shelfie. The Little Botanical Plant Shelfie Bundle includes:

Mini Cactus (Opuntia)

Mini Haworthia Succulent (Zebra Cactus)

Mini Echeveria

Single Hoya Heart Succulent (Sweetheart plant)

Peperomia Rotundifolia (Trailing Jade plant)

These groups so well together and form the ideal plant gang to pop on a shelf in your home instantly creating the sought after Plant Shelfie look. Known to be easy to care for but all individually different, these 5 little plants are guaranteed to brighten your day. Ideal for plant newbies or experienced plant parents, add this fun little gang of plants to your living space and you won’t be disappointed. The Little Botanical mix and match pots look perfect and these 5 minis are a stylish plant addition to any home.

Go green, create your own little mini garden indoors by adding these to a shelf in your living room, hallway or kitchen.

Additional information


Easy to look after

Suitable for

Bedroom, Desk/Study, Kitchen, Light spaces, Living Space



Plant Care

Succulents need a bright spot and should be watered once every 3 weeks directly into the soil not over the leaves. Be sure to drain any excess water from the pots by tipping them upside down over t he sink.They don’t like soggy feet!

Yes, the Cactus are spikey, be careful not to get pricked! Small Cactus burrs can become loose in transit, so take extra care when unpacking this plant. We recommend using thick gloves or folded up paper if you need to handle the plants. If your skin does come in to contact with the burrs, wash with mild soap and water immediately. Any visible spines can be removed with tweezers and sellotape.

Please note; the shape and size of the Cactus may vary.



4 reviews for Plant Shelfie Bundle

  1. 5 out of 5

    Kelly Miller

    Sent this gift to my bestie as a new home gift, she loves it!! Nice package and beautiful pots.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Linda Buchanan (verified owner)

    So pleased with this collection- pots and plants look even better than photos! Carefully packaged too

  3. 5 out of 5

    Linda Buchanan (verified owner)

    Wonderful collection – pots and plants look even better in real life! Great postage and packaging.

  4. 5 out of 5

    gennahunt15 (verified owner)

    Can I just say how much I love these! They look perfect in my room I am in love so if your looking for a sign to buy theses then this is you sign! They had great customer service and really great quality! Totally worth it, will be ordering again definitely. Also the packaging was great and they just look stunning, also the pots are gorgeous!

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Create the plant shelfie of dreams with this mix and match cute cacti and succulent selection.