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Miranda Care Guide

Miranda Care Guide

Also known as the Moulded Wax Agave, the Miranda is a low-maintenance succulent we just know you’re going to love. It’s native to semi-desert areas of Mexico, Central America, and north-western South America, so it enjoys warm, dry, and sunny conditions.

Did you know? The Miranda’s commonly hailed as the most attractive of all succulent plants.


Water your plant once a month with a little bit of water straight into the soil

Dry Soil

Wait until the soil dries out before watering your Miranda again


Keep it out of rooms that produce too much moisture and humidity, such as a bathroom

Things To Do


Miranda succulents enjoy a sunny spot, so place your plant somewhere light and airy but try to avoid intense afternoon sun in the summer months.

They’re pretty low maintenance when it comes to watering and will sit happily for weeks without a drink. Aim to water your succulent every 3-4 weeks but make sure the soil is dry first. A good way to tell if it needs a drink is to touch the leaves. If they’re soft and squishy it probably needs a drink, if they’re firm, it should be fine for a little while longer. When watering pour a small amount directly in to the soil.


You can also mist the moss to keep it looking fresh and any shrivelled lower leaves can be removed to keep your plant looking its best.

Things Not To Do


Mirandas don’t tolerate being over-watered and can deteriorate quickly if their roots are sat in water for too long. You’ll know this is happening if their leaves turn translucent, yellow, or black. If you think you have given your plant too much to drink, tip it upside down over a sink to drain off any excess and leave it to dry out before watering again. Mirandas don’t like humid or wet conditions either, so avoid placing it in a bathroom.

More about the Miranda

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