Living Venus Fly Trap Plant
From £15.00

Living Venus Fly Trap Plant

From £15.00

As a part of The Little Botanical’s curated collection, this fun little living Venus Fly Trap is a fab addition to your plant collection. It’s not just a plant; it’s a thoughtful and unique gift choice for a little loved one. With its intriguing snappy traps, it will bring delight to whoever you send this to.

Need to know: The Little Botanical is the supplier of Snapper the Living Venus Fly Trap. If you haven’t seen it the John Lewis Christmas Ad, check it out below and find out why you need to embrace this captivating little plant, and watch it work its magic!

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A little snappy Venus Fly Trap; the perfect little gift for someone this year!

A new addition to The Little Botanical's collection, this fun little Venus Fly Trap is one truly captivating and charming carnivorous plant and the perfect addition to your indoor plant collection. With its petite yet striking red traps, it’s a wonder to behold as it snaps them closed on its prey.

Our Living Venus Fly Trap arrive beautifully potted in a TLB stylish green and gold ceramic with a moss topping making it the perfect go to gift. These little plants are not only a conversation starter, but also efficient little insect hunters, thanks to their natural trapping mechanism. Did you know the sensitive hairs inside the traps trigger them to snap shut when insects land on them, providing both entertainment and wonder all in one!

The Little Botanical is delighted to introduce this fun little Venus Fly Trap, also seen in the John Lewis Christmas Advert 2023.

These remarkable plants rely on their traps to catch and digest insects for nutrients, and unnecessary handling can stress them so we suggest not to touch or play with their traps. To ensure the healthiest start for your Venus Fly Trap, please resist the temptation to touch or trigger its traps. Let it do it naturally by bug-catching, work while you enjoy watching it grow. Our growers top tips are to ensure they get plenty of light and are kept very moist. Allowing them to dry out can cause their traps to turn from green to black.

Caring for the Venus Fly Trap

Venus Fly Traps are plants that eat bugs, they are like little hunters. They are fun to watch but also need the right care to grow big and strong!

How to take care them in your home:

1. Water: Keep the soil damp, like a wet sponge, but don’t make it too soggy. Letting it dry out can cause the traps to go from their lovely bright green colour to black.
2. Sunlight: Venus Fly Traps love sunshine! Pop them in a sunny spot, like on a windowsill where they can get lots of sunlight every day.
3. Food: If you want to feed them bugs, you can, but they are best at catching bugs by themselves.
4. Don’t touch: It’s best to not play or touch the traps, as this can cause them to die prematurely.
5. Dormancy: In winter, Venus Fly Traps like to rest and won’t grow much. But will be happy in a bright spot until Spring arrives.
6. Don’t Feed Junk Food: Only feed them real bugs, not things like sweeties or crumbs. This can harm them and cause them to die early.

How they grow in nature

Venus Fly Trap plants, with their fascinating origins, are a marvel of evolution. These botanical wonders have adapted to nutrient-poor environments, such as bogs and wetlands, where they’ve evolved unique mechanisms to capture and digest insects. Their carnivorous behaviour allows them to supplement their nutrient intake, particularly nitrogen, which is often scarce in these habitats.

Venus Fly Trap Carnivorous plants also play a crucial role in maintaining the delicate balance of their natural ecosystems. By controlling insect populations, they help ensure the survival of other plant species and contribute to the overall health of their habitats. In essence, these captivating carnivores not only showcase the incredible diversity of life on Earth but also serve as guardians of their native environments.

  • As the fly traps were sold out I was offered an alternative or a refund. Excellent customer service. I chose the alternative and I’m extremely pleased with it

    Lyndsey F 4 months ago

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