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Nurturing Your Little Botanical Venus Fly Trap with Love and Care

13 November 2023 | Seasonal Plants

Hello to our TLB family of plant enthusiasts!

Well, it has been such an exciting week in The Little Botanical team with the reveal of the John Lewis Christmas Advert and meeting Snapper, the Venus Fly Trap. We have been busy supplying lots and lots of Living Venus Fly Trap Plants into John Lewis and Waitrose stores behind the scenes. Now everyone can enjoy their own little Snapper at home!

We thought it was about time to bring you along on the journey and into the world of Venus Fly Traps. At The Little Botanical, we believe every plant can thrive with the right care – you just need to learn what they love most. So, listen up while we dive into the wild beauty of Venus Fly Trap Plant care to find out exactly how to keep your little Snapper a happy little guy.


Snapper: The Venus Fly Trap

Did you know the Venus fly Trap is also known as Dionaea muscipula? This little guy is a true marvel of nature in our opinion! With its vibrant green leaves and distinctive red traps that snap shut upon any unsuspecting prey, this carnivorous plant has a mystique all its own.

Originating from the boggy regions of North and South Carolina, these little green hunters have found their way into our hearts and homes, and even more so this week with Snapper being the star of the show in this year’s John Lewis Christmas advert.



Creating the Perfect Habitat for Snapper: A Little Slice of Home

Just like us, your Venus fly trap needs a cosy home to thrive. They like to be warm and not left out in the snow?! He didn’t look happy, did he? Recreate their native habitat of the swamp by ensuring they are kept warm and nice and damp and make sure you don’t let them dry out! Keep them in their ceramic and ensure they are given a drink every 2-3 days. Their soil should always be kept moist.

Let There Be Light: Sun-soaked Snapper

Imagine the lush, sun-drenched wetlands of the Carolinas. That’s the kind of light your Venus fly trap craves. These sun-loving plants thrive in bright, indirect sunlight. Place them near a sunny window, to keep your Venus fly trap content and thriving.

Quenching Snapper’s Thirst: The Art of Watering your Venus Fly Trap

In the wild, Venus fly traps grow in nutrient-poor soil, relying on their traps to supplement their diet. Watering your Venus fly trap is  bit of a balancing act. They need to stay consistently moist but not waterlogged. We suggest you drain away the water if it’s sitting in a pool at the top of the soil.  If possible, use distilled or rainwater to keep the soil damp. Your plant will be happiest when he is hydrated.



Feeding Time: Unleashing the Inner Carnivore

Don’t worry, you don’t need to feed your Venus fly trap! They can do this on their own, they are perfectly formed to capture little insects all by themselves. They love to catch small, live insects like flies or ants in their traps and this provides the extra nutrients they need to flourish.

Need to know: A trap can only snap shut a few times before it loses its effectiveness. Let nature take its course as much as possible and don’t try and feed them. Especially no snacks, crumbs, or sweets!

Don’t be tempted to touch: Venus Fly Trap Care

Those traps look so appealing but don’t be tempted to touch them to close their traps. This can cause them to wilt and die off prematurely.



Nurture them with patience and love: Venus Fly Trap Care

Caring for a Venus fly trap requires a dash of patience and a sprinkle of persistence. These captivating carnivores may have a wild side, but with the right care and following the above care instructions, they can thrive in your home, adding a touch of charm to your plant collection.

So, embrace the wild beauty of Venus fly traps, and let them remind you of the wonders of the natural world, right in your own living space. Just keep little hands away from the traps to ensure they last and everyone gets to enjoy their uniqueness. At The Little Botanical, we love to celebrate the uniqueness of every plant, and the Venus fly trap is undoubtedly one of nature’s masterpieces. So, go ahead, nurture your Venus fly trap with love and care. Watch as it unfurls its beauty, one snap at a time!



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