Also known as the Spathe Flower or White Sails, the Peace Lily is a truly unique and delightful indoor houseplant. As an excellent air-purifying plant, this plant has become a popular choice for offices and homes. With those wonderful white flowers, you can see why! The bright, green leaves make this beauty really stand out, and we’re so excited to take a closer look at the Peace Lily. If you’re looking for a stylish addition to your indoor jungle, then look no further!

How to look after the Peace Lily

Originally from tropical rainforests in South and Central America, the Peace Lily is wonderfully exotic. It enjoys the steamy conditions that it would find in its natural habitat. Like humans, houseplants just love the feeling of being at home! This means the Peace Lily is suited well for bathrooms, kitchens and areas with high humidity. 

To keep those gorgeous green leaves looking at their best, make sure this plant isn’t placed in direct sunlight. Too much sun could scorch those leaves, which would be an awful shame. The Peace Lily likes medium to low levels of light or indirect light. Remember, in the rainforest, it would be shielded from the sun by other plants and trees! Try to keep this little guy as happy as possible and you’ll be able to enjoy those lovely green leaves and white flowers.

Although this plant originally came from the rainforest, it doesn’t need too much water. The Peace Lily is afraid of being overwatered, so try your best to avoid this mistake! If you overwater your Peace Lily, its leaves could turn yellow or droop at the edges, which is very sad to see. Make sure you check whether the soil is dry before you water this plant. Just push your thumb an inch below the surface – if it’s still damp, then you don’t need to water it!

Peace Lilies are quite resilient, so they will happily sit in most light areas around your home. If you want more of those stunning white flowers to appear, you should place it in a slightly brighter spot. Try to keep it away from draughts and radiators and you should see those pearly white flowers bloom in no time!

Where to place your Peace Lily

As we’ve mentioned, Peace Lilies love bathrooms and kitchens. The high humidity levels are perfect for these exotic beauties. If you don’t have room in your bathroom or kitchen, then you can use a humidifier to keep this plant happy. Or, if you have other houseplants, you can group them close together and they will act as humidifiers for each other. Isn’t that just amazing? We love how talented our little green friends are, especially when they’re grouped together!

Sadly, the Peace Lily isn’t the best companion for cats and dogs. It’s best to keep this particular plant away from the reach of your furry friends. We take the wellbeing of pets very seriously at The Little Botanical and we always include this information in our plant profiles. We’ve even written a blog dedicated to pet-friendly plants! If you’re looking for a houseplant that your pets can enjoy too, take a look at our pet-friendly plants category. We’re sure you’ll find something in there to keep your four-legged friends happy.

Fun facts

The meaning behind the name Peace Lily comes from its white flowers, which symbolise the white flag. Peace Lilies are known as the bringers of peace because the white flag is recognised as a symbol for ceasefire. Knowing that this plant is a representative of peace just makes us love it even more! 

By looking at a Peace Lily, you’d assume that the gorgeous white spathes are flowers. Actually, the flowers are tiny and are found right on the ends of the pointed spathes. Why not take a look at yours and see if you can spot them?

The botanical name for the Peace Lily is Spathiphyllum wallisii. Quite a mouthful! However, that is where the nickname Spathe Flower comes from, which is a little easier to pronounce.

According to the Chinese art of Feng Shui, Peace Lilies are extremely powerful. The plant is believed to calm the aura of a house or office and bring positive energy to indoor spaces. So if your home feels even more homely after the addition of a Peace Lily, now you know why!

The most peaceful indoor plant

Here at team TLB, the Peace Lily is one of our absolute favourites. It truly brings peace and a sense of calm, and you just can’t beat the fab look of white flowers on green leaves! We just find this plant so interesting with its exotic roots and its status as the symbol of peace. Another benefit of the Peace Lily is its impressive air-purifying abilities, which were documented by NASA in their clean air study. Wow! Now there’s a fun fact you can tell your friends and family!!

If NASA and the ancient art of Feng Shui can both recommend this plant, then we certainly can too! Indoor plants don’t get much better than the Peace Lily. It’s striking, iconic and simply beautiful. It will shine in your bathroom, your kitchen or even a living space (just make sure it’s humid enough!). The Peace Lily is easy to care for because it’s tough and doesn’t need frequent watering. We really hope this peaceful indoor plant brings you as much joy as it brings to us.

As always, lots of love from everyone here at team TLB x