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Air Purifying Houseplants

24 August 2020 | Green Inspiration

Plants not only look great but are also known to clean the air around you. Yes, they are actually that amazing! We are super excited to see that air-purifying houseplants have been a bit of a hot topic over the past few months. It is indeed fascinating that so many plants have air-purifying qualities! We love to know that filling your home with green makes it look jungle-like and fabulous. These little powerful plants also provide huge benefits for our health.

Our little guide to air-purifying plants will tell you everything you need to know. This includes how NASA (yes, the real NASA) has approved many of these houseplants for their fantastic natural attributes.

Working from home

Bringing greenery into your home and home office will not only bring a smile to your face but can make you feel more productive and purify the air. It’s a win-win!

Getting out there and going for walk on your lunch break is quite often what we need to clear our heads. But, it’s equally important to get that feel-good feeling while you’re back at your desk too. A collection of succulents and leafy houseplants not only transforms a space with their vibrant colours and patterns, but they’ll also enhance your mood. This will help you become more productive.  We’ll go into the science of houseplants next. But even without getting too technical, a gorgeous leafy green houseplant can just make you smile and that makes you feel good, right?


Simply adding a few lush ferns, a couple of trailing plants like our English Ivy or Philodendron or going bold with a leafy Areca palm or structural Yuccas will instantly green up your living space. Why not create your own mini jungle; the transformation is amazing and it’s much cheaper than redecorating! The extra bonus is that adding plants to your home purifies the air around you.  So, let’s look at some of the benefits of air-cleaning plants.

Having a high standard of air quality might not be something that people would think about regularly, but it’s of great importance. Did you know that there are many toxic chemicals in the air, such as Trichloroethylene, Xylene and Ammonia which can result in a number of symptoms; such as headaches, dizziness and eye irritation?

For people who suffer from asthma, having fresh, clean air is of huge importance, especially in the home. Extended exposure to these toxic chemicals can also trigger asthma and lead to difficulty in breathing. This is where our fabulous air-purifying houseplants come into play!

NASA-certified houseplants

A famous study by NASA found that certain houseplants are extremely effective at removing harmful chemicals from the air. They do this by absorbing gases through their leaves and roots. In addition to this, they also, of course, remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through photosynthesis.

This results in less carbon dioxide and fewer chemicals in the atmosphere. The overall result will undoubtedly make anyone who is inside for longer periods of time feel better, as the air will be cleaner. According to a study by Live Science,plant-filled rooms contain 60% fewer airborne moulds and bacteria than rooms without plants. Isn’t it amazing how talented these houseplants are?

Wicker table with salt crystal lamp, sansevieria punk and spiky sansevieria

Our favourite air-purifying houseplants

Now that we know the scientific benefits of our gorgeous greenery, let us introduce some of our all-time favourite indoor plants that clean the air and remove toxins.

New to our range is our Air-Purifying Sansevieria Selection; this fabulous duo includes the Sansevieria Punk and the Sansevieria Spikey. These plants were selected due to their striking appearance and particularly impressive air-purifying qualities. Place this little gang of plants on your desk in your living space or on your bedside table to feel the wonderful effects of cleaner air!

Large yucca, fiddle leaf fig, boston fern and small succulent on wooden shelves

The Fiddle Leaf Fig

We couldn’t have a list of our favourites without mentioning the Fiddle Leaf Fig, which is proving to be a top performer across all categories. This Insta-famous plant comes in small, medium and large size, and with its paddle-shaped glossy leaves, it will truly stand out wherever you choose to place him.

Little metal house planter containing three marble style pots with small succulents

The Boston Fern

Next up is the Boston Fern, which is quickly becoming one of our most treasured and most-popular houseplants. Not only is it one of our pet-friendly plants, but it also made our Top 5 Plants for Mothers Day list. This air-purifying houseplant is safe for all pets, including cats and dogs, so even they can enjoy its air-cleaning qualities!!

We think the Boston Fern looks perfect in a bathroom or kitchen and it loves all the extra humidity! This gorgeous all-rounder is also included in our Pet-Friendly Houseplant Bundle and our brand new Bathroom Plant Bundle.

Devils Ivy category image

The Devil's Ivy

While the Devil’s Ivy AKA Scindapsus doesn’t have a name like it would be good for your health, it is actually a top performer. Along with the English Ivy, the Devil’s Ivy is one of the plants NASA proved to be exceptional at air-purifying. We love him because he trails so beautifully and is easy to care for too.

Why not choose your favourite style to green up a corner of your home? We have lots of choices of this air-purifying houseplant: the Devil’s Ivy Marble Queen, a Devil’s Ivy in a Marble planter with a stand, and the Devil’s Ivy in our classic textured grey ceramic. This variety is so easy to care for is perfect for plant newbies too. As it trails so beautifully, he is included in our gorgeous Trailing Plant Bundle, along with two stunning plant buddies; the Peperomia Rotundifolia and the Tradescantia.

ficus ginseng

Some other notable mentions are the Ficus Ginseng. This is not only stunning to look at but also easy to look after, making it the perfect plant for first-time owners!

We’ve already seen the Sansevieria Spikey and Sansevieria Punk in action, but it wouldn’t be fair to exclude their striking sibling, the Sansevieria Snakey. Just take a look at those gorgeous green leaves!

Last but not least is the Scindapsus, AKA Moss Pole. This striking plant is extremely on-trend at the moment, thanks to its height and the size of its wonderful leaves. Sitting in a stylish ceramic grey pot, this air-purifying plant really does do it all.

Clean air is good air

In our opinion, nothing beats a good run or a brisk walk outdoors. But it’s now so easy to bring the outdoors in too with our gorgeous selection of low maintenance plant bundles.

Why not take a look at our full category of air-purifying houseplants to find the perfect one for you. Don’t forget to share your bundles of greenery  – follow us on Instagram and post your photos with #littlebotanicallove and tag us @thelittlebotanical.  We love to see our plants in your gorgeous homes!

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