Devil’s Ivy Marble Queen


Perfect for newbies. This is a great starter plant that will thrive in a light spot. Just watch those variegated leaves grow.



The Marble Pothos/Variegated Devil’s Ivy plant is a fast grower. With guidance, it will climb or naturally will hang. With it variegated leaves, he provides interest and character to your jungle. With beautiful heart-shaped leaves and striking variegation, this guy is a great choice for first-time houseplant buyers. Easy to care for and will happily grow and grow once placed in a bright spot in your home!

The Marble Pothos/Variegated Devil’s Ivy is a great plant to bring the outside in. To find out more about which plants make the perfect indoor jungle, check out our blog post – Best house plants: How to bring the outside inside.

Please note that as this is a natural plant, the variety of Devil’s Ivy may vary from the photo.

Additional information

Suitable for

Bedroom, Darker corners, Light spaces


Low maintenance

Internal Pot Diameter (CM)



Almond Stoneware, Charcoal Grey Stoneware, Grey pot

Pot Height (CM)




Plant Care

Devil’s Ivy likes a bright spot but avoid direct bright sunlight as this will scorch the leaves. Water when soil is dry, usually every week in the Summer months. Do not let the plant stand in water. Gently remove lower yellow leaves to allow it to concentrate on new growth.


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