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Scindapsus Care Guide

Scindapsus Care Guide

The Scindapsus is a large, leafy green houseplant with heart-shaped variegated leaves. Tolerant of both low light levels or a bright spot, it’s the ideal plant to fill any corner, without demanding too much time and care.

Did you know? The Scindapsus is a plant of many names, including the Devil’s Ivy, Scindapsus Aureus, Gold Pothos, Silver Vine and Pothos. It’s actually commonly known as the Devil’s Ivy because it’s so hard to kill!


Give your plant a drink once every 1-2 weeks. Watering from the base is good for this plant so it only takes up what it needs.


Feed your plant with a generic houseplant feed every couple of months during spring summer to encourage healthy growth.


The plant thrives in medium to bright indirect sunlight, but it will tolerate lower light levels, it just won’t grow as fast!

Things To Do


The Scindapsus is one of the easiest plants to keep alive. It only needs a little water every 1-2 weeks to be happy and healthy. When watering your plant, we recommend you water it from the base. Pop it in a sink of water for 10 minutes, this will allow the plant to soak up the water slowly and only absorb what it needs.

Allow the soil to dry out in between before watering again.

Even though it prefers bright, indirect light, it’s also happy to tolerate low light levels. The best place for your plant is somewhere sunny if you want to maximise growth, however, it’ll also be okay to live in a darker room.

Your Scindapsus will tell you if it’s very thirsty, as the leaves will wilt and curl. This is a sign it urgently needs a drink!

Don’t forget to give your Devil’s Ivy a little prune occasionally, removing any dead leaves, to enhance its growth. To help the growth, trim the trailing stems at the start of Spring/Summer when they become straggly, these stems can be used to propagate new plants or help make your plant bushier.

Things Not To Do


Be careful not to under or over water your plant. Underwatering your plant will cause the leaves to curl and wilt and fall off, leaving bare stems. Yellowing leaves are mostly a sign of over watering so try and keep it consistent to get the best from this trailing beauty. Your Scindapsus won’t like having soggy soil. It’s also not a fan of draughts, so keep it somewhere warm.

Keep the plant out of reach of small children and animals, as it can be toxic if ingested.

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