Sansevieria (Spikey)


Much like its sister, this super on trend variety of Sansevieria will grace your home with style for many months whilst quietly purifying the air.


These plants, native to Africa, will offer countless health benefits, it’s a great feng shui plant providing helpful energy when needed. It also gets busy while your sleeping and absorbs CO2 and other toxins at night which makes it particularly good in the bedroom! These spiky, dark green plants will compliment any room of your home and provide a real statement plant with texture and colour.

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Plant Care

Don’t be over generous with your watering. Give your Sansevieria 300 ml of water every few weeks. You can let the soil become dry to the touch between watering. Feed with a generic houseplant feed every couple of months. Is happist in a bright area of full sun but will tolerate partial light conditions indoors.


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Why I’m Great

I can improve your life! Whilst you are relaxing at home I will be busy taking no less than Formaldehyde, xylene, toluene and nitrogen oxides. One of me should help keep the air in a 10 square meter room crystal clear!