Low-light Loving Plant Basket Bundle

Low-light Loving Plant Basket Bundle


A bundle of easy-care, low-light loving plants – perfect for newbie plant parents. A great starter set that will be happy in a darker corner of your home.

Care needs: Low Maintenance PlantsPet-friendly: NoLight level: Low Light

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A low-light bundle in the cutest belly baskets, what’s not to love about this easy-to-care-for set of greenery.

This low-light loving bundle of greenery is perfect for those spaces in your home that don't get as much sunshine. All plants require light to grow, but the beauty of this bundle is that these plants have been selected because they will all tolerate lower light conditions. The Sansevieria Snakey and Devil's Ivy both come in the cutest belly baskets, are easy to care for and will transform your indoor space. Place these green beauties in a corner or on a higher shelf in your home to create your very own stylish corner of calm.

Adding these houseplants to your home won’t just add some serious style, but they are actually good for your health too - the Sansevieria Snakey is known for its air-purifying qualities. These 2 beauties are just the perfect duo for your home office, kitchen or bedroom.

Included in this plant gang:
1 x Sansevieria Snakey in belly Basket
1 x Devils Ivy in belly Basket

The Snakey plants are native to Africa and Madagascar so thrive in warmer conditions they also don’t mind a little neglect so you can enjoy their presence without worrying about them needing too much care.

The Devil’s Ivy plant is happy growing in any direction! It will climb or hang. With beautiful heart-shaped leaves and striking variegation, this guy is a great choice for first-time houseplant buyers.

Go check out our blog on how to care for your Sansevieria.

Please note: As the Snakey plants are known as rough and ready beauties; markings, tip discoloration and imperfections on the leaves are very normal.

All plants require some natural light so although they will tolerate a gloomier corner of your home, they will not survive in a room without windows. They need some natural light to grow and stay happy.

This Low-light loving Plant Gang arrives with The Little Botanical stylish sea grass-lined baskets, making it even easier to create an oasis of calm in a darker corner of your home. Just pop the plants inside the lined baskets and they'll look perfect in their forever home.

Please note: As the Snakey plants are known as rough and ready beauties; markings, tip discoloration and imperfections on the leaves are very normal.


Don’t be over generous with your watering Snakey. Give your Sansevieria a water every 4 weeks. You should let the soil become dry to the touch between watering. After 4-6 months, you can feed with a generic houseplant feed every couple of months.

Keep the your Devil’s Ivy out of draughts and away from radiators. Avoid direct bright sunlight as this will scorch the leaves. Water when soil is dry, usually every 1-2 weeks. Do not let the plant stand in water. If the leaves start to wilt or curl, he’s telling you he needs a drink.  Yellow leaves can occur from inconsistent watering.

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