Hoya Kerrii Care Guide

Also known as the sweetheart plant, this distinctive heart-shaped succulent is a leaf cutting and very much a cute novelty. It makes an ideal gift for family and friends and is guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Did you know? The Hoya Kerrii is the only plant with heart shaped leaves, making it easy to love.


Top 3 Care Tips



Water the plant directly into the soil and don’t let it sit in water



The Hoya Kerri’s used to arid conditions, so keep it away from moisture and humidity

Dry Soil

Dry Soil

Wait until the soil has completely dried out before giving your plant another drink

Things To Do

Water your Hoya Kerrii sparingly, it’s a succulent so it’ll store water in its leaves. Wait until the soil feels dry before watering it again. You’re better off underwatering your Hoya Kerrii, than overwatering it but if the leaf appears soft and wilted in appearance, then it needs a little drink.

The Hoya Kerrii enjoys lots of light. Find a spot within your home that’s bright and sunny but not in direct sunlight.

You can lightly mist the moss to keep it looking fresh.

Things Not To Do

Keep your Hoya Kerrii away from draughty spots and radiators to keep it happy. If you place your succulent in direct sunlight during Summer, the colour of the leaf can begin to fade and turn yellow, dappled light is best.

When watering, avoid the leaves and water the soil directly. The Hoya Kerrii doesn’t like to have soggy feet, as this can lead to root rot. If you suspect there’s too much water in the bottom of the pot, drain off any excess off & let the soil dry out.