Pet Lovers Bundle

Pet Lovers Bundle


A gorgeous gang of pet-friendly house plants specifically selected as they are non-toxic for pets including cats, dogs and other fury animals. They’re the perfect green addition to your home for those with an adorable pet.

Care needs: Easy Care PlantsPet-friendly: YesLight level: Medium Light

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If you have a cat, dog or other fury friends who might chew on the occasional leaf, these super cute pet-friendly plants are for you.

These gorgeous houseplants and succulents have been selected because they’re super friendly to your pets so you can leave them to look gorgeous without worrying if your furry friends are getting too close. This bundle makes it easy to green up your home whilst keeping your pets safe – win win!

This trio of plants are super easy to care for and Spider plants produce babies to so you can share them with your friends! How fabulous is that?

This bundle includes:

- Spider plant in Grey Houseplant pot 

- Calathea in Grey Houseplant pot 

- Medium Haworthia in Grey & Copper pot

As our pets are so important to us all, we thought we’d write a little blog about which houseplants are safe for pets as we love keeping you all updated.

Love keeping your fury friends safe by choosing gorgeous greenery for your home that are nontoxic to them? This selection of houseplants and succulent is sure to add interest and colour to your indoor jungle, while keeping your cats and dogs safe and happy.

Please note that as this is a natural plant, the variety of Calathea may vary from the photo. We think all of its patterns are beautiful!


Haworthias should only need to be watered once every 3-4 weeks lightly do not let it sit it water and the soil shouldn’t be allowed to get too damp or soggy. Look out for lower shrivelled, wilting leaves as this is the plants telling you they are thirsty. Ensure the plant is watered into the soil not over the top of the leaves. Haworthias likes a well-lit spot in your home.

The Spider plant and Calathea like a bright spot but not direct light and it will grow before your eyes. Water once a week to keep the soil damp. A kitchen or bathroom is a good location as it will enjoy the higher moisture levels. Let the soil dry out a little between watering.

Calathea Care Guide

Calatheas are all about gorgeous leaves, bringing colour and movement into your home. The patterns can be pin-striped, rose painted, or even peacock patterned. Each leaf pattern makes your Calathea unique.

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Haworthia Care Guide

This distinctive little succulent plant has slim, spiky leaves which grow in rosettes. Newbies will have no trouble keeping it alive, as it only needs a little TLC to thrive.

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Spider Plant Care Guide

The Spider Plant is an easy-care all-rounder. With its retro 70s vibes and palm-like leaves, it’ll add serious style to your home. It’s also super easy to care for, even for plant beginners.

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  • Brought this gorgeous bundle for my friend who has just brought her first house . She also has a puppy and was pleased to hear the plants are pet friendly, just incase!

    Kim B +6 months ago

    5 / 5