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Spider Plant Care Guide

Spider Plant Care Guide

The Spider Plant is an easy-care all-rounder. With its retro 70s vibes and palm-like leaves, it’ll add serious style to your home. It’s also super easy to care for, even for plant beginners.

Did you know? Spider Plants can even produce babies which you can share with your friends and family. How fabulous is that?

Read more about the Spider Plant and why it might be a good choice for you over on our blog; A Guide to Caring for the Spider Plant.


Water your plant once a week to keep the soil lightly moist


Place your plant in a kitchen or bathroom where it will enjoy increased humidity


Position it somewhere bright to keep it happy; a windowsill is perfect. (Just avoid long periods of direct sunlight to protect the leaves)

Things To Do

Spider Plant

Spider Plants only need weekly waterings. They like their soil to be damp, but they don’t like being over-saturated. Before watering your plant, check the top layer of soil. If 50% of the soil feels dry, it’s safe to give it a good drink. Drain any excess water that’s accumulated at the bottom to prevent the roots and leaves from rotting.

Place your plant in a humid bathroom or kitchen, or mist the plant occasionally to keep it hydrated. Spider Plants also enjoy warm temperatures, so position it somewhere bright and sunny, being careful to keep it out of direct sunlight.

Spider Plant

We often get asked, why is my spider plant not producing babies (aka pups)? The plant needs to be mature enough to do this (a bit like us humans) but also the conditions need to be correct. Give it more room in its pot. If it’s looking crowded, it will need repotting.

Ensure it is getting adequate light and moisture. The time of year is also important, a spider plant needs approximately 12+ hours of light a day to produce pups, so this will not happen during autumn and winter.

Things Not To Do

Spider Plant

Less is more when it comes to the Spider Plant. Try not to fuss around with this plant – even if this goes against your natural plant care instincts. If in doubt, under-water your plant and slowly and gradually increase the amount of moisture you provide if it seems a little dehydrated. Your spider plant will even tell you if it’s really thirsty, as the green stripy leaves will look dull and grey in colour. This is the plant telling you it urgently needs a drink.

If you don’t mist your plant regularly or place it somewhere with enough humidity, the leaf tips may turn brown. You can trim these off, but try giving your plant a spritz to keep the leaves healthy.

Spider Plants also don’t like being cold, so keep yours away from draughts or chilly rooms that don’t get much sunlight. Not enough light will also slow down growth and potentially fade the striking stripes on its leaves.

More about the Spider Plant

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