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The Best Plants for Macramé Hangers

19 May 2021 | Green Inspiration

Our gorgeous new collection of sustainable cotton macramé plant hangers have arrived. If you’re saving space or simply looking for a new, interesting way to display your indoor greenery, look no further, as this stylish trend is perfect for transforming your home into a space of peace and calm. Discover the best plants for macramé hangers and give this trend a go with your favourite green beauties.

What Is Macramé?

Macramé is an ancient crafting method of intricate knotting techniques and tassel details that are used to create a range of beautiful accessories, including bracelets, dreamcatchers and hanging plant pots.

It’s been around for thousands of years, but more recently, macramé hangers are becoming more and more popular as a way to display indoor greenery. They’re loved for their bohemian, Scandinavian look, adding texture to a room without the need to decorate or change the colour of the walls. We think they are a stunning new addition to our collection and a fab way to display your trailing plants; perfect for small spaces and to create a focal point in a room.

What Plants Are Good For Macramé Hangers?

We’ve curated a selection of our top 10 trailing plants best suited for our macramé hangers so you can give this stylish trend a try. Unleash your creativity and explore our favourite macramé plant hanger ideas.

Natural Macramé Plant Hanger

Display your botanical beauties in our natural tasselled macramé plant hanger. It’s been handwoven by artisans using sustainable cotton and eucalyptus and features intricate knotting and tassel details that look fab out on display. It comes with and without plants, leaving you to choose your favourites and create your own jungle look.

Our macramé hangers include a eucalyptus wooden bar, making this sturdy plant hanger perfect for hanging from the ceiling of any room to add some serious style to your home. It’s also available in two sizes: small and medium – pick your perfect size to fit your greenery.

Our small macrame plant hanger is perfectly sized for our mini and small collection of houseplants

Small Macramé Plant Hanger

Our medium macrame plant hanger is perfectly sized for our medium collection of houseplants

Medium Macramé Plant Hanger

Natural Macramé Hanger with Plants

Our natural sustainable cotton macramé hanger with plant bundle takes the hassle out of finding a plant to hang, helping you create your sought-after indoor jungle with minimum effort.

Our small macramé hanger comes with a gorgeous medium Peperomia Rotundifolia in our signature black and copper dipped pot. It’ll add some serious style to your interior space – hang it from a wall or ceiling to instantly update your space with a touch of greenery.

If you’re looking for something a little bigger, our medium macramé hanger comes with a Spider Plant styled in one of our beautiful grey stoneware pots. It’s a thing of true beauty and will help create that boho look.

Small Macramé Plant Hanger with plant / Medium Macramé Plant Hanger with plant

Devils Ivy

The Devil’s Ivy is one of the most attractive indoor trailing plants and super easy to care for too. Hang your Devil’s Ivy in a macramé plant hanger and let the heart-shaped, variegated leaves take pride of place. They’re happy to grow in any direction and will hang beautifully as they grow, creating a funky, wild look in no time.

If you’re wondering about the Devil’s Ivy plant care, this green beauty’s as tough as old boots and couldn’t be easier to look after. Simply keep it away from draughts, radiators and direct sunlight. It only needs watering once every 1-2 weeks to be happy and more often in Summer months.

This gorgeous houseplant will fit in a medium macrame hanger.

Devil’s Ivy

English Ivy

The English Ivy houseplant, or the Hedera, is the perfect option to pop in the macramé plant hanger. Its bushy leaves are fast-growing and trail down beautifully from high up. Why not hang your planter somewhere you can see them draping down?

Not only does it look great in a macramé planter, but this trailing beauty’s one of the best air purifying trojans. It removes a wide range of pollutants from the air, including airborne mould particles and other toxins. In fact, NASA produced a report proving this plant’s ability to improve air quality. Pretty impressive, huh?!

This air cleaning trojan will fit in a medium macrame hanger.

English Ivy

Philodendron Cordatum

Also known as the sweetheart plant, the Philodendron Cordatum is a trailing beauty with heart-shaped green leaves that grow down when placed high up. That’s why a macramé hanger is a perfect way to unleash the plant’s potential, giving the leaves plenty of room to flourish.

When it comes to Philodendron Cordatum care, place the plant somewhere bright and water it once a week. If you’re a newbie plant parent, you honestly can’t go wrong with keeping this green beauty alive.

This green delight will fit in a medium macrame hanger.

Philodendron Cordatum

Marble Queen

The Marble Queen plant is a fab starter plant and is one of our rare houseplants. This unique beauty will add interest and character to your indoor jungle. You might also know it as the Marble Queen Pothos and the Variegated Devil’s Ivy. Not only is it a plant of many names, but it naturally hangs, with its white and green variegated leaves, this plant is a showstopper and the perfect trailing plant to suit our Macrame Plant Hanger.

The Marble Queen is easy to care for, with a drink once a week you’ll see the stunning variegated leaves thrive and grow. Just hang your Marble Queen in the Medium macramé planter in either a bright or shady spot and water the plant once a week when the soil becomes dry.

This green beauty will fit in a medium macrame hanger.

Devil’s Ivy Marble Queen

Boston Fern

The Boston Fern is one of the most popular ferns of all. The bushy fronds look fab on display and emerge beautifully from a stylish macramé plant hanger. It’s also fast growing, so you’ll have the lushest leaves in no time, which you can trim and preen to create your perfect look.

Boston Fern care is easy. You only need to water it once a week. The plant also thrives on moisture, so hang your macramé Boston Fern in your bathroom. Keep it away from draughts and radiators, and don’t let the soil dry out too much. It’s a tricky little devil but worth it for those sprawling fronds!

This green delight will fit in a medium macrame hanger.

Boston Fern

Spider Plant

With its thin, palm-like leaves, the Spider Plant is back on trend. It gives off some boho 70s vibes, making it the perfect partner for a macramé planter. It’s also one of the most adaptable houseplants and the easiest to grow.

If you forget about your plant every once in a while, don’t panic. It’s a hardy houseplant, so it’s not going to get too grumpy. To keep it happy and healthy, make sure it gets a drink once the soil starts to dry out and it will grow happily. It might even produce a few babies!

Keep it in a sunny spot away from direct sunlight and watch it grow before your eyes. A bathroom is a great spot to hang your macramé Spider Plant as it’ll enjoy the excess moisture.

This houseplant will fit in a medium macrame hanger.

Spider Plant


Also known as the Silver Inch Plant and Wandering Dude, the Tradescantia Zebrina has stripey two-tone leaves that’ll look wild in a natural hanger – perfect for creating a feature point alongside your indoor jungle. Not only that, but once the leaves grow long enough, they’ll trail out of the hanger beautifully.

Our Tradescantia purple comes in a choice of three stylish planters – the neutral colours make them the best pots for macramé hangers. Water your plant every 7-10 days and put it in a bright spot that gets plenty of filtered sunlight.

This green delight will fit in a medium macrame hanger.


Peperomia Rotundifolia

Also known as the Trailing Jade or Jade Necklace, the Medium Peperomia Rotundifolia is the ultimate trailing plant. It has small, plump leaves that form into soft trailing stems that effortlessly droop down when it’s placed up high.

We love the Peperomia Rotundifolia because it’s perfect for creating a stylish trailing plant effect, especially when it’s paired with our small macramé planters. Just be aware, this green beauty doesn’t like direct sunlight, but it’s happy to tolerate filtered light. It also copes well under artificial light, making it perfect for home offices.

This gorgeous houseplant will fit in a small macrame hanger.

Medium Peperomia Rotundifolia

String of Hearts

The String of Hearts trailing plant is a small and cute addition to your macramé hanger. It’s a sought after beauty and is just perfect for smaller spaces. We’ve planted it in our signature dipped ceramic pots, which look striking up on display. Put your hanger somewhere you can admire it whenever you walk into the room.

If you want to know how to care for your string of hearts plant, the trick is to let it dry out in between waterings. Water it every ten days but don’t let it sit in water. If you notice any yellow leaves, pull them off and untangle the strings.

This beautiful houseplant will fit in a small macrame hanger.

String of Hearts

Satin Pothos

Our on-trend hanging Satin Pothos has velvety, silver speckled variegation on the leaves, making it a fabulous trailing houseplant. It’s the perfect contrasting plant to add to a home jungle and looks great hanging from a planter.

It’s used to sitting in shady spots underneath trees in the rainforest, so keep it away from direct sunlight. If the tips of the leaves start browning, mist the leaves and the plant should perk up. Yellowing leaves are a sign of overwatering, so be careful not to let the plant sit in water.

This green delight will fit in a medium macrame hanger.

Satin Pothos

Button Fern

With button-like leaves, the Button Fern is a super cute houseplant that’s perfectly made for a medium macramé hanger and cascades beautifully from high up. It also comes in a textured pot, adding even more style and detail.

Button Fern care is a little tricky – it needs lots to drink! It thrives on moisture and tropical temperatures, so pop it in a kitchen or bathroom and as well as watering every 3-4 days, frequently mist those leaves to keep the plant nice and humid.

And if you’re wondering, is the Button Fern toxic – the good news is it’s safe to be around pets, including dogs and cats. Just be careful not to hang it somewhere naughty kitties can reach to pull it over.

This green beauty will fit in a medium macrame hanger.

Button Fern

Fancy giving the macramé trend a try? We’d love to see a snap of your hanging plant in your home. Share them on Instagram with us and let us know with a tag. If you’d like to learn more about any of the plants on our list or have any burning questions, get in touch with us at [email protected].

Lots of love,

Team TLB

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