For a dramatic ‘tumbling’ effect, trailing plants are the perfect option for your needs. Cascading out from their pot, or along the ground (if you have them outdoors), trailing plants are defined by the fact they typically do not have roots along the stem, only at the base of the plant.

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More about our trailing houseplants

Some of the varieties at The Little Botanical are especially exciting to look at and care for, such as the Spider plant, which can have some stunning effects, growing small white flowers that turn into ’spiderettes’ when the plant is mature enough. These hang down from the main plant like a trail of spiders hanging from a web and can actually be repotted to grow new plants.

The Devil’s Ivy and Philodendron are also very popular choices because they are very easy to care for and have the ability to grow several metres in length. We recommend trimming your Philodendron occasionally to make sure it doesn’t get too long!

Another point to note is that while trailing plants often lack the capacity to climb themselves, often not having any suction, adding a support such as canes, hoops or placing them along shelves can help you achieve some fantastic results as they find the best amount of surface area in their space.