The Copper House Gang

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This trio of gorgeous succulents and a trailing beauty, both potted in our copper pots in a stylish black metal house, will bring some green style into your home. This trailing greenery and easy-to-care-for Succulents, in gorgeous copper pot and black house, is just oh-so stunning. A funky gang that works oh-so perfectly together.

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A little bit of greenery, planted in this stunning copper house, with a matching Little Botanical Tag. This gang is sure to be the most stunning addition to your gorgeous green jungle. We just love the look of the greenery against the copper pot.

This gorgeous Philodendron and its green and yellow marbled leaves is the perfect match with the copper metal. The extra height of the house is perfect to allow your philodendron to trail beautifully.

The Succulent Trio House includes 3 different living succulents planted in little copper pots in a black metal house. The gang includes:

Philodendron in Copper House

Copper Trio Succulent House

The Philodendron plant is happy growing in any direction! It will climb and hang and is one of our favourite trailing houseplants. The stunning characteristic heart-shaped leaves and striking colourful leaves mean this green guy is a great choice for newbie plant parents.

Our copper house gang is just the perfect opportunity to bring the outside in. Read more about what plants make great house plants in our article – Best house plants: how to bring the outside inside.

Stylish, fresh and chic – just perfect if you’re looking to green up a shelf or coffee table. We love to see them on your desk as a stylish study buddy, but they will work anywhere in your home.

This gorgeous green gang is a ready-made green gift in a box so once they’re unpacked, they will add an instant pop of colour to your home.

Why not add this pretty plant gang to your home or send your succulent-loving friend a gorgeous green parcel. They will be delighted to open the box and find these little gems. We’ll even hand-write a gift message for you.

Please note; as this is a natural plant, the variety of Philodendron may vary from the photo.


Additional information


Low maintenance

Suitable for

Bedroom, Desk/Study, Kitchen, Light spaces, Living Space

Estimated Plant Height (CM)

Mini plants (8cm – 15cm), 25- 35cm

Internal Pot Diameter (CM)

12.5cm, 7.5cm


Copper house, Copper Trio House, Metallic, Plant Stand


Jade plant, Ogre's Ear, Hobbit Jade, Hobbit's Foot, Finger Jade, Crassula Hobbit, Molded Wax Agave, Echeveria Agavoides, Lipstick Echeveria, Zebra Cactus, Pearl Plant, Star Window Plant, Cushion Aloe, Sweetheart Plant, Philodendron Brazil, Heart Leaf Plant, Philo Plant.


Trio House- Length 32cm x Tall 20cm x Wide 11cm
Copper House- Length 21cm x Tall 33.5cm x Wide 15cm



Plant Care

In the trio house these 3 succulents are easy to look after. Just don’t overwater. Water once a month in winter and more frequently in Summer. Tip the pots upside down to allow any excess water to drip out to ensure the plant isn’t sitting in water for long periods of time as this can damage the roots.

This beauty of a Philodendron likes a bright spot and thrives indoors without too much care. These fast trailing beauties like to be watered once a week. Watch them grow and trail. Philodendrons will tell you if they are unhappy as their leaves will curl and wilt when thirsty. Be sure to keep them watered weekly, ensuring there is no water pooled in the bottom of the copper pot.

1 review for The Copper House Gang

  1. 4 out of 5

    Sandra Johnson (verified owner)

    The plants themselves looked lovely and healthy, and really nice in the copper pots. Not particularly impressed at all the loose soil in the philodendron though! Took some clearing up after!

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An easy-care Philodendron in its own little Copper House and a matching Trio Succulent Copper  House. This gift set is truly unique and we think it just makes the perfect house-warming gift.