Philodendron in Copper House


This gorgeous houseplant in its stylish copper pot and black metal house, is just stunning. The trailing plant and copper combo work so perfectly together. They will add some instant metallic style to your interior space.

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A little bit of trailing greenery in our bespoke copper pot and black metal house. This gorgeous houseplant is sure to be the most stunning piece in your home. We just love the way the philodendron looks against the copper pot, its green heart-shaped leaves are the perfect combination and will look great on your desk or kitchen island.

The philodendron plant is happy growing in any direction. It will climb and trail.

The lovely copper pot and black metal house allow it to grow and trail beautifully too. Easy to care for and happy to grow almost anywhere in your home.

This copper house is just the perfect opportunity to bring the outside in. Read more about what plants make great house plants in our article – Best house plants: how to bring the outside inside.

This houseplant is a ready-made green gift in a box so once it’s unpacked, it will add an instant pop of colour and interior design style to your home.

Please note as this is a natural plant, the variety of philodendron may vary from the photo.

Additional information


Low maintenance

Suitable for

Bedroom, Desk/Study, Kitchen, Light spaces, Living Space

Estimated Plant Height (CM)

25- 35cm

Internal Pot Diameter (CM)



Copper house, Metallic, Plant Stand


Sweetheart Plant, Philodendron Brazil, Heart Leaf Plant, Philo Plant


Length 21cm x Tall 33.5cm x Wide 15cm



Light Level

Low, Medium

Plant Type

, ,

Plant Care

This beauty of a Philodendron likes a bright spot and thrives indoors without too much care. These fast trailing beauties like to be watered once a week. Watch them grow and trail. Philodendrons will tell you if they are unhappy as their leaves will curl and wilt when thirsty. Be sure to keep them watered weekly, ensuring there is no water pooled in the bottom of the copper pot.

Philodendrons also cope in a gloomier corner, they’ll just grow a little slower.

Read our plant care guide, to help keep your Philodendrum looking fresh.


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Why I’m Great

I’m the plant of dreams. Not only do I look fab in my copper pot and black metal house, but I’m easy to take care of too. Just water me once a week and I can even cope with a slightly darker corner.