Philodendrons have been a go-to plant for many interior gardens and are a firm fan favourite for our customers. They are known for their ability to adapt to different environments and thrive accordingly, making them fairly easy to care for – though they do require regular watering.

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More about Philodendron plants

Many plant owners may choose to find a shady spot for their Philodendron outside in the summer – as adaptable plants they don’t feel as much stress moving outside compared to other plants. Just make sure, if you do this, that you keep it nicely watered, preferably with drainage at the bottom – that will give you a nice lush leaf.

The leaves will droop if the plant is not getting enough water and will alsp turn yellow if it is getting too much water, so watch out for the signals! Again, another reason it is loved as a houseplant is it is a great communicator for what it needs.

We have a full Philodendron care guide that will help you understand the language and help these plants thrive in your home!