Marble Trio Plant Gang


Create a chic look in your home with this classy trio. This stunning plant gang in on-trend marble planters and metal plant stands just shouts style.


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This popular marble plant gang is an absolute must-have for any interiors lover. The selection of succulents and houseplants compliment each other perfectly and will add a touch of elegance to your home. The Haworthia Succulent Planter stand, has a real ‘wow’ factor with its spiky leaves. Paired with the Philodendron houseplant in our bespoke tall marble planter stand and the Zamio marble planter; these three beauties create a stunning collection suitable for a space in your home ready for a refresh.

The Zamio, more commonly know as the ZZ houseplant has super hardy glossy, leaves and a willingness to be somewhat neglected! A ZZ plant can last for many weeks (if not months) with no water and is pretty happy to be placed in a room with low light levels. This stunning bundle is the perfect gang to bring the outside in and we promise it will be immensely loved!

This Marble Trio Plant Gang includes;

Haworthia Succulent short planter stand.

Philodendron houseplant in tall marble plant stand

Zamioculcas houseplant in marble pot. 

The green plants in our white marble effect pots bring a fresh new look and will help style a space. These houseplants are chosen to be perfect for both beginners and experienced plant parents, just place in a spot in your home that gets medium light and they will instantly transform the room. The pop of green on white will definitely bring a modern look to your kitchen, bathroom or living space.

Please note; the marbled pattern on the ceramics may vary from the images shown.

Please note that this is a natural plant. Therefore, the variety of Philodendron may vary from the photo. Philodendron Cordatum or Philodendron Brasil varieties will be selected subject to availability.

Additional information


Low maintenance


Ceramic, Marble pot, Plant Stand

Suitable for

Darker corners, Desk/Study, Kitchen, Light spaces, Living Space


Zanzibar gem, ZZ plant, Zuzu plant, aroid palm, Zebra cactus, Pearl plant, Star window plant, Cushion aloe,

Internal Pot Diameter (CM)


Pet Friendly


Plant Care

The Haworthia Succulent only needs watered once every 3-4 weeks. Please ensure the plant is watered into the soil not over the top of the leaves, it likes a medium-bright spot.

The Zamioculcas houseplant is one of the easiest plants to look after and should only be watered sparingly. Water no more than once every 21 days and only once the top of the soil is dry. They don’t like moist soil.  Over watering can cause the leaves to turn yellow. Unlike other houseplants, the Zamioculcas Houseplant can handle either good light or a shadier corner. Just don’t forget to dust those glossy leaves.

The Philodendron will thrive in a low light spot and doesn’t require too much care. These fast trailing beauties like to be watered once a week in the Summer months and once a fortnight in Winter. They will show you when they are thirsty as they will wilt if left to dry out. With a good drink, they will perk up and can be enjoyed for many months.


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Easy to look after and bang on-trend. Pop this plant gang in the kitchen to give the room a stylish interior refresh.