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Zamioculcas Care Guide

Zamioculcas Care Guide

More commonly known as the ZZ plant, the Zamioculcas has dark green, glossy leaves on tall stems and is the perfect plant for new plant parents.

Did you know? The Zamioculcas is an air-purifying plant. A study by NASA found that it’s effective at removing toxins such as xylene, toluene and benzene, which are chemicals found in many everyday products.

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Water only when the soil is completely dry, check every 4 weeks

Dry Soil

Always drain the soil, the ZZ plant does not like to sit in moist soil


Can be positioned in either low light or bright light areas

Things To Do


The Zamioculcas has thick succulent roots called rhizomes, which allows it to store water. This means it’s pretty drought tolerant and happier to be under-watered, than over-watered. You only need to water your ZZ plant sparingly once the soil is completely dry first, check every 4 weeks. Make sure your plant is not sitting in damp soil or in water. Always pour any excess away.

The ZZ plant is happy in low light conditions, so makes a great desk buddy or hallway plant. The good news is, it can also tolerate medium to bright light so it’s a great all rounder. Just avoid direct sunlight in summer months to prevent scorching.


In general, the zamio or ZZ plant is a slow grower so perfect for a space where you don’t want the plant to overtake. To encourage healthy growth during the growing season (spring and summer), apply a generic houseplant fertiliser every 2-3 months. New growth appears as very light green and will darken as it matures.

ZZ Plant leaves like to be dust free to absorb light, so don’t forget to wipe those leaves with a damp cloth.

This plant is considered toxic if ingested, so it’s best to keep it away from children and curious pets.

Things Not To Do


Don’t over-water your plant or let it sit in water, as this can cause root rot. Signs of overwatering are yellowing leaves and the stems drooping over. Drain away excess water and reduce your watering.

You don’t need to mist your Zamioculcas, it’s happy in drier conditions and normal household humidity should be fine.

Don’t rush to repot your zamio, they don’t like to have their roots disturbed. As they are slow growers, they are unlikely to need to be repotted more than every 2 years. They also have a very strong root system compared to other plants so a slightly misshapen pot is common and not a problem for the plant.

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