Pink Shelfie Bundle


Why not add this cute plant bundle to your home or gift them to a friend, they will be delighted to open this gorgeous green parcel.


The Little Botanical Pink Shelfie Bundle is the cutest selection of succulents and cacti in their bespoke soft pink and copper ceramics. This gorgeous gang of plants will bring a little bit of love to your table or shelf and are the perfect gift. The bundle of greenery in pink pots will jazz up your living space and brighten up that corner or shelf. Whether you purchase this bundle as a gift or for yourself, these plants are the perfect size to style a shelf or coffee table.

This plant gang includes:

1 x Mini Echeveria Miranda (Molded Wax Agave)
1 x Mini Callisia Turtle/ Peperomia Rotundifolia
1 x Mini Dracaena Head (Dracaena Fragrans)
1 x Mini Haworthia (Zebra Cactus)
1 x Mini Cactus

These plants are known to be easy to care for but are all unique in their own way. Ideal for plant newbies or experienced plant parents, add this fun little gang of plants to your living space.

All of these beauties are planted in our pink and copper ceramics ready for their forever home.

Additional information


Low maintenance

Suitable for

Bedroom, Desk/Study, Kitchen, Light spaces, Living Space


Pink and copper pot




Plant Care

This gorgeous plant gang need a bright spot and should be watered once every 2-3 weeks directly into the soil not over the leaves. Be sure to drain any excess water from the pots by tipping them upside down over the sink. They don’t like soggy feet!

Pay a little more attention to the Callisia Turtle/ Peperomia Rotundifolia  to keep him looking his best, water lightly once every 7-10 days and check the soil to ensure it hasn’t dried out too quickly.

A  bright spot is perfect for these beauties  and with the right care they will thrive in your home for many weeks to come.


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A cute little plant gang to create your very own plant shelfie in pink and copper. We think these green beauties would make a stylish addition to a kitchen shelf.