Baby Blue Christmas Tree in XL Belly Basket


Bring the outdoors in with this gorgeous tree this Christmas. This stunning Baby Blue Christmas Tree looks perfect in our Little Botanical Belly Basket. Decorate with some twinkly lights and simple decorations and you’ve got the perfect festive addition to your home space.


This beautiful living tree is the perfect size for a small space or as an additional tree to make a room in your home feel extra Christmassy!

Beautiful in colour, those “Baby Blue” needles give this tree a truly different look compared to your average Christmas Tree. This unique variety is called Baby Blue Pungens Picea and we guarantee it will brighten up your indoor space. This tree arrives in our Little Botanical XL Belly Basket and will instantly make your home feel extra Christmassy. Style with a few twinkly lights* and you have the picture-perfect Christmas Tree.

This tree measures approx. 70-90cm tall.

As the festive season comes to an end, we would suggest taking the Christmas Tree out of the belly basket and planting it in your garden. With the right light and good care, this tree will grow for years to come.

*Lights not included

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Easy to look after

Suitable for

Hallway, Light spaces, Living Space

Size/Total Height



Belly basket




Plant Care

This Christmas tree will thank you if you find a place out of direct sunlight and away from radiators. This Baby Blue only needs watering a small amount, enough to keep the soil moist and should always be kept away from radiators or it will loose its needles.


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I’m a gorgeous blue Christmas tree – what’s not to love?! Dress me with sparkly lights and decorations and I’ll make a cute addition to your home this festive season.