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Christmas Tree Care Guide

Christmas Tree Care Guide

I’m the perfect bit of Christmas magic for your home. I’m what Christmas is all about. The ultimate festive greenery, guaranteed to add some seasonal cheer to your home.

Did you know? Our potted Christmas trees are still growing and can be taken outdoors after the festive season to be enjoyed into the new year and beyond.


Keep your Christmas Tree out of direct sunlight, he will prefer a cooler spot in your home.

No Drafts

Position your tree out of draughts and away from radiators to avoid needle drop.


Water your Christmas tree every few days, when the top layers of soil have dried out.

Things To Do

Christmas Tree
  • Do keep your tree away from radiators and draughts as the heat can cause the needles on your tree to drop.
  • Do avoid placing your tree in direct sunlight, he will thrive in a cooler spot – near a window or close to your front or back door for example.
  • Do water your tree when the top layers of soil have dried out. To check, push your finger an inch or so into the top layer every few days; if it is dry, it’s time for a drink.
Christmas Tree
  • Do move your tree outside after Christmas to allow it to continue to grow. Choose a sheltered spot with good light. And bring him inside at night for a couple of weeks to help him adjust.
  • Do lightly prune your tree as it grows to maintain his shape.

Things Not To Do

Christmas Tree
  • Don’t place your tree in direct sunlight as the harsh rays could scorch the needles.
  • Don’t put your tree near a radiator as the heat can cause the needles to drop.
  • Don’t overwater your tree or leave him standing in water, this can cause root rot.
  • Don’t weigh your tree down with lots of heavy decorations. Potted trees are often younger and therefore less robust than cut trees, so stick to lightweight decorations to avoid damaging the branches.

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