Our outdoor trees are young and healthy, ready to find their perfect place in your garden or patio. We do not recommend having any tree indoors for more than 12 days; they require plenty of sunlight and do not like internal heating.

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More about our outdoor trees

For potted Christmas trees, we recommend bringing them in as late as possible – eg. the weekend before Christmas – and ensuring they get back outside soon after the holiday. Trees will show signs of stress if kept inside for too long.

You can repot your Christmas tree annually rather than keep it in the ground, though 6 ft is the maximum size it should be kept in a container. Please note that potted Christmas trees will not have the same lifespan as planted Christmas trees. If you want your tree to have a longer life then we recommend replanting it.

Pruning your tree

Trees will often grow just fine by themselves if left outside in a sunny spot. If you wish to maintain its aesthetic appeal and shape then you can prune upward-growing shoots and we also recommend clearing away any dead branches.