Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple


This Japanese Maple is one graceful, elegant beauty. Plant it in your garden or into a patio container and watch those stunning deep colourful leaves grow. The foliage is a stunning green and dark red that turns fiery red in Autumn.

Care needs: Easy Care PlantsPet-friendly: NoLight level: Medium Light

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The Japanese Maple is a beautiful small tree, perfect to add colour and texture to your outdoor space.

This Acer is a slow-growing stunning Japanese Maple with red/green leaves. The colour and leaf shape makes this beauty a real must-have. This beautiful small tree would look stunning planted in the garden or popped in a patio pot. Acers are deciduous, woody shrubs native to Asia and Russia. The perfect plant to enjoy throughout Spring and Summer and enjoy watching those leaves change colour in Autumn. Being a deciduous tree, the leaves will drop in late Autumn. In the right conditions, new leaves will bud the following Spring.

Reddish in colour, this little tree looks great in any garden, why not plant it into a large patio container to make a real focal point in your outdoor space.

Low maintenance and long-lasting, these easy to care for Japanese Maple plants just look beautiful. Perfect for courtyard or patio gardens or to create the sought-after cottage garden look.

Measuring up to approximately 45cm, adding colour and texture to your garden couldn’t be easier with this gorgeous leafy Acer.

The Japanese Maple will arrive with small reddish/green leaves and with the right care, will continue to grow throughout the Spring and Summer. In Autumn its leaves will change colour to fiery red and it will shed its leaves until the following spring.


An Acer is an ideal small tree for a sheltered position on a courtyard garden or patio, the stunning little tree is perfect for large patio containers or to plant in a border. Acers should be grown in moist, well draining, fertile soil in sun or dappled light. Be careful of wind or leaf scorch if in direct sun throughout the Summer months. This deciduous tree will change colour in Autumn and loose its leaves late Autumn, new leaves should arrive the following Spring. These small trees are slow growing and have a beautiful open growth habit, once planted in borders it will create a stunning focal point.