Marble Plant Gang

Marble Plant Gang


Stunning plants in gorgeous marble planters including a metal plant stand. Very on-trend and looks great in your home.

Care needs: Easy Care Plants, Low Maintenance PlantsPet-friendly: NoLight level: Medium Light

Pot includedPot included

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Love the marble look? You won’t be disappointed with this set of plants from the Little Botanical New collection.

This easy-to-look after plant gang in marble planters includes:

Large Haworthia (Zebra Cactus) succulent with planter stand,

Zamioculcas (ZZ plant) Houseplant.

These marble planters and black metal stand are the latest products from The Little Botanical’s new collection and they look super stylish.

The plants are chosen to be perfect for both beginners and experienced plant parents alike, they only need to be watered once every few weeks and only once the soil is dry. Place in a spot in your home that gets some light, you will love the new addition of green. Perfect as a pair, the plant stand and matching planter will bring a stylish update to your home.

Please note; the marbled pattern may vary from the images shown.


The Haworthia Succulent only needs watered once every 3-4 weeks. Please ensure the plant is watered into the soil not over the top of the leaves, it likes a bright spot. The Zamioculcas houseplant is one of the easiest plants to look after should only be watered sparingly. Water every 14-21 days and only once the top of the soil is dry. Overwatering can cause the leaves to turn yellow. Unlike other houseplants, the Zamioculcas Houseplant can handle either good light or a shadier corner.

Haworthia Care Guide

This distinctive little succulent plant has slim, spiky leaves which grow in rosettes. Newbies will have no trouble keeping it alive, as it only needs a little TLC to thrive.

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Zamioculcas Care Guide

More commonly known as the ZZ plant, the Zamioculcas has dark green, glossy leaves on tall stems and is the perfect plant for new plant parents.

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  • Bought these marble planters for 2 months, they last really well and so easy to look after. Highly recommend.

    Karen I 3 years ago

    5 / 5