Dracaena Marginata (Magenta)

Dracaena Marginata (Magenta)


A spikey easy to care for Draceana Dragon Tree, perfect to add structure to your jungle.

Care needs: Low Maintenance PlantsPet-friendly: NoLight level: Medium Light

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Easy to care for and simply stylish with my long slim, sword shaped dark leaves with a reddish tinge.

The Dracaena Marginata (Magenta) also known as the Dragon Tree is the perfect spikey, structural plant with slim sword shaped leaves. This plant not only looks great but it's  independent too, so it won't need constant attention. Pop him in medium to bright spot in your home and watch those spiky long leaves grow and grow.

This hardy houseplant is known for its incredible air purifying qualities. In Feng Shui, the spirit of the Dragon Tree is also thought to bring good luck and prosperity.

Did you know the name Dracaena comes from Ancient Greek Drakaina meaning Female Dragon.

Native to Madagascar and also known as Dracaena Marginata, Dragon Tree.

TLB Top Tips: If my leaves start to fall to the side, please give me a good drink to perk me up again! My lower leaves can turn light brown in colour, this isn't a problem, just give them a trim off and give me a drink.


A Dracaena likes a good to medium lit spot in your home. Water once every 10 days and only once the soil is dry on top. Remove any brown leaves to encourage new growth. Check the soil regularly as Dracaenas don’t fare well if they are overwatered. Loves a South, West or East facing window.

Read our plant care guide, to help keep your Dracaena looking fresh.

Dracaena Care Guide

With its tropical look and feel, a Dracaena brings warm summer vibes into any home. Its low maintenance and tolerates low light levels, making it the perfect plant for newbies.

Read guide
  • This was my BOGOF plant. Far taller than expected and well established spread too. Would be well worth the money in it's own right.

    Marion E 7 months ago

    5 / 5

  • very well wrapped for shipment ,tall, great condition and much wider spread of leaves

    Edwina W 3 years ago

    5 / 5

  • A great stylish plant for my front room. Came well packaged and already looks bigger than the website photos, with a wider spread of leaves.

    Jacky M 3 years ago

    5 / 5