Halloween Houseplants

Setting a spooky scene With that spooky time of year coming up, how are you going to set the perfect Halloween scene in your home? We just love to pop a few pumpkins, some Autumn leaves and a few succulents together and tah dah – you have a stunning Autumn display. Add a few spiderwebs…

Group of three air purifying plants - Snakey Sansevieria, Sansevieria Punk and Ficus Benjamina

A guide to the best plants for your office

2020 has been an eventful year. The lockdown and restrictions have resulted in more people working from home than ever before. As offices have slowly started to reopen, there are opportunities to make the most of your working space while still maintaining social distancing. Houseplants are great fillers of space and can be used as…

Air Purifying Houseplants

Plants not only look great, but they are also known to clean the air around you. Yes, they are actually that amazing! We are super excited to see that air-purifying plants have been a bit of a hot topic over the past few months. It is indeed fascinating that so many plants have air-purifying qualities!…

All about the Calathea: aka Prayer Plant

We thought it was about time we wrote about one of our all-time favourite houseplants, the gorgeous Calathea. It is a pet-friendly, air-purifying plant that moves around during the day and night, showing off its beautiful leaves.

Go Green – Go Vertical

Turn your home green inside and out with our super easy, stylish and clever Living Walls developed by the wonderful team at PlantBox.