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Create a Serene Oasis – Our Top Plants for your Bedroom

Here at team TLB, we think everyone should style their bedroom with indoor plants because it helps you to get the most amazing sleep. You know, when you wake up feeling calm, energised and ready to face the day. You just can’t beat it, can you? But if you’re spending the night tossing and turning, waking up feeling less beauty and more beast, then we can help! Here is our curated list of our top plants for your bedroom.

The great news is that a few (or more if you like) artfully placed plants will not only add a stylish flair to your bedroom décor, but they can also help you sleep better too, win-win.

This week we’re bringing you our top picks for bedroom plants. With these sleep-enhancing plants nestled on your bedside table, you’ll be drifting off in no time! Read on to find out more.

The benefits of bringing plants into your bedroom

Bringing the outdoors into your sleeping quarters is so much more than just a style statement. As many of you will know, here at The Little Botanical we love shouting about the amazing superpowers of indoor houseplants. Their almost magical ability to reduce the carbon dioxide and increase the oxygen in the air around us, and even remove harmful toxins such as formaldehyde, xylene and toluene, is just fabulous. Some of our leafy lovelies also help to humidify the air around us through a process called transpiration. All this cleaner air means we benefit from higher levels of productivity (in our waking hours), reduced levels of stress and anxiety, less dry throats, stuffy noses and skin irritations and you’ve guessed it; better sleep. By styling your bedroom with indoor plants, you can benefit from all of this while enjoying the added greenery. Hurray! 

Our top picks for bedroom plants

Bringing the outdoors in and nature-inspired interiors continue to be huge style trends. And where better to indulge in this stylishly calming décor trend than in your bedroom. You can do this with Mother Nature’s very own air purifiers and humidifiers

Whether your bedroom is large and airy or small and cosy, we have all the bedroom plant inspiration you need to turn your bedroom into botanical bliss. And even better, all the plants we’ve picked out are nighttime heroes, ready and willing to work the night shift. They’re earning their name through their night time air purifying, humidifying, and detoxing superpowers. And most of the plants we mention are also fabulously low maintenance. You won’t need to lose any sleep worrying about these green beauties losing their lustre while you snooze. All you have to do is drift off to sleep peacefully in your botanical bedroom jungle. Meanwhile, your air-purifying plants work tirelessly to keep your air detoxed and humidified.  

Read on to discover our carefully selected plants to create a relaxing and peaceful environment, perfect for a good night’s sleep. 

Sansevieria Snakey

Just looking at our lovely, green leafy friends can induce a feeling of calm serenity. The gorgeously patterned, vibrant green Sansevieria Snakey, also known as a Snake Plant, is a fab choice for a bedroom botanical. And it’s not just his good looks that will bring a sense of calm to your sleep space. He is also a top-notch air purifier. Unlike most plants, he is known to release oxygen during the night rather than the day, helping to promote relaxation and aid a more restful night’s sleep.

And as if that wasn’t enough, he’s also a super hardy houseplant who will dwell happily in both light and dark spaces. It is a perfect plant for bedrooms as they often don’t get as much light as other areas of your home.

Ficus Benjamina

As air-purifying plants go, the Ficus Benjamina, or Weeping Fig as he is commonly known, would make a fab bedroom companion. With his abundance of gorgeously glossy, green leaves, he makes a stylish feature. He’ll work hard removing toxins and pollutants from the air and he’s tolerant of low light.

However, he is best avoided if you have asthma or a latex allergy.

Satin Pothos

From a bedroom styling perspective, a trailing plant is a top choice, especially if your bedroom is more boutique than suite. You can pop them high on a shelf and let them cascade beautifully for a stunning vertical display.

The Satin Pothos makes a lovely trailing addition to a bedroom. He thrives in low light and his gorgeous, silvery variegated hue will add an air of serenity to your space.

English Ivy

English Ivy is another trailing beauty that will turn your bedroom into a beautiful, botanical oasis in no time. This is thanks to his fast-growing tendencies, air-purifying abilities, and tolerance of low light conditions.

Spider Plant in Macramé Plant Hanger

As an alternative to displaying a trailing plant on a shelf, you could opt for one of our effortlessly stylish natural macramé plant hangers. In a bedroom environment, we love a Spider Plant sitting beautifully in a hanger. He’s a super hardy choice who will happily filter toxins out of the air while you lay back and admire his elongated, green leaves as you drift off to sleep.

Peace Lily

If you’re lucky enough to have a spacious bedroom, brightening up a dull corner with some gorgeous greenery makes a fabulous style statement and there are some stunning larger options that will get those tranquil vibes flowing in no time.

Our big Peace Lily is a fab choice to add a real wow factor to your bedroom corner. It has wonderful air-purifying qualities and the ability to humidify the air around it too. This green beauty is sure to bring you all the relaxation vibes to help with a peaceful night’s sleep.

Ficus Elastica

Add a pop of vibrant green with the gorgeous deep green, shiny leaves of our extra-large Ficus Elastica, also known as the Rubber Plant. This guy will certainly brighten up a dull corner in any room you choose to place him. However, he works particularly well in a bedroom because he can adapt to lower light levels. He also has the ability to reduce moulds, bacteria and toxins from the air around him.

Avoid this guy though, if you have asthma or a latex allergy.

Areca Palm

Standing up to 1m tall, our large Areca Palm will add an outstanding tropical twist to your bedroom décor. If you’re keen to style your bedroom with larger indoor plants then this beauty is perfect for you. Just lie back and admire his big and bright palmy leaves. How lovely it is to feel like you’re relaxing in the Amazon as you drift off to sleep.

Boston Fern

Add texture to your boudoir with a fabulously feathery Boston Fern. In addition to his striking good looks, this guy is a hard-working, air-purifying plant. He doesn’t come top of the low-maintenance list, but what he lacks in easy-care credentials he makes up for with formaldehyde removing super-powers!

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is well-known for the healing properties of the gel found inside his tall leaves. However, his impressive attributes don’t stop there. He’s a fab bedroom buddy thanks to his easy-care nature and air-purifying abilities. Pop this guy on your bedside table to induce a deep and restful sleep.


The perfect, easy-care bedroom companion. Succulents are a great space-saving choice for a smaller bedroom and a Haworthia is a top pick from team TLB. Like all succulents he’s super easy to look after; able to tolerate near-drought conditions, and he’s also really handsome too, with his zebra-like markings and striking spiky appearance.

Now, in any room, sometimes just one plant isn’t enough. If you’re going to maximise all that clean air potential it might as well serve the purpose of helping you get a better night’s sleep. What better reason is there to create an indoor bedroom jungle?

You’ll be pleased to know that here at TLB we have some ready-made bundles that are practically tailor-made to bring the snoozy vibes.

Mini Air-Purifying Desk Gang

It might be called a desk gang, but this cute selection of air-purifying succulents from the Sansevieria family will work just as well on a shelf in the bedroom. They will keep your air clean and fresh while you sleep instead of while you work.

The Air Purifying Bundle

This gorgeous green gang will add oodles of style to your bedroom whilst also working hard to improve your bedroom air quality to aid your relaxation and sleep.

Succulent Plant Gang

For a mini indoor jungle in your bedroom, this is the bundle for you. They may be small but they are mighty when it comes to breathing some life into your bedroom.

My Home Bundle

This easy-care green gang brings a selection of leafy houseplants and stunning succulents that will instantly add a contemporary edge to your bedroom chic.

We hope we’ve given you plenty of inspiration and shown you how easy it can be to create a beautifully tranquil and calming botanical bedroom by adding some stylish, air-purifying greenery. Enjoy choosing which of these green beauties to include in your bedroom décor and you’ll be drifting into a blissfully sound sleep in no time.

If you’ve still got some questions about the best botanicals to brighten up your bedroom, do drop us a line at [email protected], we’d love to help. And when your botanical bedroom transformation is complete, we’d love to see some snaps. Just email them over or tag us on Insta; @thelittlebotanical, we can’t wait to see what you create. Your photos might even end up featuring on our website.

Sweet dreams plant people.

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