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Fabulous Indoor Plants for Easter

31 March 2023 | Green Inspiration

The birds are singing, the temperature’s rising and everything’s feeling fresh and new. Spring has arrived and doesn’t it feel so good!

With Easter just around the corner, houseplants are the perfect way to symbolise new life and growth. Whether you’re looking to refresh your home this Easter or find a thoughtful gift for someone special, discover some of our best indoor plants for spring.

Why Are Houseplants the Perfect Easter Gift?

Instead of giving a traditional chocolate egg this Easter, why not treat a loved one to some bright, flowering houseplants? Easter symbolises rebirth and hope. We think having spring-blooming houseplants around your home is the perfect way to celebrate this special holiday. Giving plants as a gift echoes the spirit of giving that Easter represents.

Plants also hold fab health benefits, as they remove toxins from the air, provide oxygen and regulate room temperature. Now that spring’s here, plants can help create a comfortable atmosphere inside your home, whether you’re chilling out, doing a spot of DIY or working from home.

So, for something a little different this year, why not spread some green love with our indoor spring houseplants this Easter?

Spring Trailing Duo Summer Trailing Duo

The Gift That Keeps on Giving (and Growing)

Go green this Easter and find the perfect springtime gift with our range of gorgeous Easter Greenery.

Here’s our pick of the bunch…

Easter Orchid

Orchids are the perfect way to add a touch of spring to your home. It’s only little, so it’ll fit in all kinds of spaces, brightening up any room you place it in. The mass of summery blooms is the perfect way to celebrate the changing season – and you’ll love the theatre of watching them open.

Orchids are often thought of as difficult to care for, but they’re actually pretty easy to keep alive when you know how. Simply feed your orchid every 10-14 days with 20-30ml water and mist the moss to keep it fresh. Make sure the water drains away so that the orchid doesn’t sit in it.

Once the flowers fall off, don’t despair. You can cut the plant 10-12cm above the pot and wait until it comes back again.

Finished in our concrete grey ceramic pot, our Orchids are a bright and thoughtful gift this Easter.

The Mini Pink Kalanchoe

Our Mini Pink Kalanchoe produces a mass of long-lasting blooms in a lovely pink hue.

The perfect choice to inject a little femininity into your home for Easter and beyond as the gorgeous flowers will last for weeks to come. Simply trim off any wilting or dead flowers to keep the new, healthy growth coming.

As well as deadheading when needed, this blooming botanical will need a drink directly into the soil every 2 to 3 weeks when the top layer of soil is dry and plenty of light. Not much to ask in return for a gorgeously, long lasting floral display.

Maximise those soft, feminine vibes with our bespoke pink and copper ceramic or choose the elegantly understated grey concrete pot.


From £10.99

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The Peace Lily

Make that gorgeous springtime air even fresher with a fabulous Peace Lily, an air-purifying powerhouse in a beautiful package. With gorgeous green leaves and simple white blooms, a Peace Lily is an elegant style choice for peaceful Easter vibes.

To keep this stunning houseplant happy and thriving ensure his soil is consistently moist but not soggy. Place him in a bright spot with indirect sunlight and keep him away from draughts and radiators. You can also read more about caring for a Peace Lily in our dedicated Peace Lily care guide.

Potted in a choice of our neutral ceramics; almond stoneware, charcoal stoneware or our grey pot, this beauty is sure to shine bright among your Easter greenery.

Peace Lily

From £14

An air-purifying beauty with white long-lasting blooms.

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The Dracaena Deremensis (Lemon Lime)

This leafy lemon and lime Dracaena is super easy to care for and makes a vibrant addition to your green spring gang this Easter. This bright beauty packs a gorgeous leafy punch with its striking colours and fun stripey design.

Pop it on a sideboard, shelf or window sill where you can admire it from near or far. The grey pot is designed to suit a range of home interiors, whether you choose to keep it for your living space or give it as a gift.

And not only does it look great, but it’s super easy to care for too. Simply place your Dracaena in a spot that gets a medium amount of light and water it once every ten days. If you notice any brown leaves, trim them off so that new ones can grow.

Dracaena Deremensis (Lemon Lime)

From £14.50

This tropical beauty is the perfect plant to add to your jungle with its bright green and yellow striped leaves.  The colours are just fab and its easy to care for too.

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The Croton

Our brightly coloured Croton is one of our favourite spring indoor plants and adds a lovely pop of colour to your tropical jungle. These colourful beauties come in lots of sizes, but this little one in black and gold is the perfect addition for your plant shelfie or desk at home.

It’s also a sweet trinket to show someone special you care this Easter. Especially as it’s potted in our signature black and gold pot! The blend of colours will add style and class to your living space, whether it’s in your kitchen, hallway or home office.

When caring for your Croton, you only need to water it when the top of the soil’s dry to the touch. Our top tip is to tip the plant upside down over the sink to drain the excess water.

This makes the Croton a fab Easter gift for someone who struggles to keep plants alive. It’s also an excellent way to gently ease your loved one into plant ownership if they’re not the green-fingered type just yet. After enjoying the Croton, we are sure they’ll soon be converted.

The Trio Succulent House

This succulent trio is a stunning display of greenery that’s just waiting to refresh and transform your home this Easter.

Planted in beautiful marble pots for a fresh and on-trend look, perfect for spring. Why not self-gift this cute trio, who doesn’t love a gift “To me, from me!” Or give it as a green gift this Easter.

Each trio of succulents comes in a sleek and stylish black metal house. This keeps them safe and secure wherever you choose to place them. Why not pop them in the kitchen to give the room a modern interior refresh this spring? The choice is yours.

Succulents are some of the coolest houseplants around. They’re also easy to look after, which is why they’re so popular. Simply water them once a month in winter and a little more frequently in summer. Easy-peasy.

The Pothos & Zamio Marble Planters

Our gorgeous marble range is the perfect luxury gift this Easter. Or, if you’re keeping it for yourself, add it to your favourite room to create a stylish green centrepiece this spring.

This duo comes with a Satin Pothos in a marble effect pot and a short black metal stand, along with a Zamio in its own pot.

Satin Pothos is so on-trend. It’s characterised by the stunning speckled silver variegation on the leaves that trail out of the pot as the plant grows. It originally comes from the rainforest, so it prefers a bit of shade. This makes it ideal for homes that don’t get much natural light.

The Zamio is a fab plant for newbie owners. Its thick glossy leaves make it a stunning addition and it copes well without regular TLC. This guy only needs watering once a month! Like the Satin Pothos, it’s also happy to be placed in a dark room, making this marble set one of the most fail-proof spring plant gangs.

The Aloe Succulent

Our Aloe succulent is one of the best houseplants for spring because it removes toxins from the air, keeping it fresh and clean. Aloe is also known for its medicinal properties, making this spikey favourite a fun and functional addition to your green gang.

Available in a choice of our stunning signature ceramics, choose between a classic grey pot, the oh-so-chic grey and copper pot or opt for a pop of seasonal colour with one of our reactive glazed ceramics in green, grey or black.

To keep your Aloe succulent happy, place a little bit of water straight into the soil under the leaves. You only need to do this once a month and it’s good to go.

Small and cute, this succulent also makes a unique Easter gift, whether you choose to give it alongside an Easter egg or with a few plant friends to create a little plant gang. (Don’t worry, if you’re planning to treat yourself, we won’t tell…)

Aloe Succulent

From £8

This Aloe Vera houseplant really does keep on giving. It looks fab, has great healing properties and it'll purify the air around you.

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The Mini Cacti Plant Family

Who doesn’t love a cactus? This classic spikey green gang is perfect for creating a plant shelfie or mini urban jungle. The medium bunny-ear cactus also adds a touch of Easter to your interior décor. How cute!

You don’t need to be green-fingered to take care of these plants. Cacti are great for beginners as they’re super easy to care for. Even if you forget about them for a few weeks, they’ll be fine, although yes of course, they do need a touch of water to grow.

Cacti are also known for their drought tolerance, so let’s keep our fingers crossed for a spring heatwave! Try not to touch the plants with bare hands, as you might get pricked.

Add this prickly gang to your home for cool spring and summer vibes. Choose from a grey, pink and copper or black and gold pot to suit your interior style.

The Peperomia Obtusifolia

If you love glossy green leaves, the leafy green Peperomia Obtusifolia should be on your wish list. It’s also commonly known as the Baby Rubber Plant because of its gorgeous glossy green leaves.

This low-maintenance plant only needs a drink of water once the soil dries out, making it the perfect Easter gift for anyone and everyone, regardless of their green-fingered abilities.

To match your springtime living space, choose from an almond or charcoal stoneware pot or our classic grey pots. Each pot is slightly textured for a unique, extra-special look.

Peperomia Obtusifolia

From £13.5

Like a shiny green leafy plant then this is the one for you.

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The Begonia Beleaf

Breath some fresh life into any room with the quite splendid Begonia Beleaf. Known as a Begonia Rex, the leaves on these beauties are a joy to behold with their unusual shades of purple and silver.

These striking beauties do require a little more TLC than some of the other botanicals featured, but my goodness is the extra care worth it. In return you will get a stunning, colourful display.

To keep this leafy guy happy place him in a well-lit spot and water him regularly, but don’t let him sit in water as this can cause root rot. Gently remove any yellowing leaves to encourage new, healthy growth.

To complete your leafy, springtime style, choose from our almond or charcoal stoneware or our grey ceramic. Each of these pots has some fab texture to take your easter jungle chic up a gear.

Begonia Beleaf

From £9.5

These bright leafy Beleaf Begonias also known as Begonia Rex have the most interesting leaves. You will LOVE them!

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We hope we’ve brought you plenty of Easter styling and gifting inspiration. As always drop us a line if you have any questions; [email protected]. And when your Easter green styling is complete do tag us in your pics over on insta; @thelittlebotanical. We love to see our beauties out in the wild.

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