Dracaena Care Guide

With its tropical look and feel, a Dracaena brings warm summer vibes into any home. Its low maintenance and tolerates low light levels, making it the perfect plant for newbies.

Did you know? The name Dracaena comes from the Greek word “drakaina”, which translates to “female dragon”.

Top 3 Care Tips



Water your Dracaena once every 10 days, but only once the soil’s dry on top



Dracaenas tolerate low light levels, this plant is perfect for a hallway or a gloomy corner



Dust regularly to keep those leaves looking fresh and healthy

Things To Do

Water once every 10 days, just check the soil before you give your plant a drink to make sure it’s dry. If the soil is still moist, leave it for a few more days before watering. Dracaenas don’t need much water to be happy and healthy, they are generally drought tolerant.

Surprisingly, they enjoy their broad leaves being misted regularly and this can prevent brown tips from occurring.  Another reason could be they are sensitive to the chemicals in tap water. If the leaves are still turning brown, switch to filtered water.

Dracaenas are happiest in a medium lit spot in your home but will tolerate a darker corner too.

If you are seeing new growth, don’t worry if the lower leaves are turning brown and yellow. This is the natural process of the plant shedding old leaves and sending energy to the new ones to grow.

Things Not To Do

Dracaenas need a consistent watering regime. They don’t fare well if they’re either overwatered or underwatered. Only water your plant once the soil’s dry to touch at the top of the soil.

When watering, water your plant thoroughly and ensure water flows all the way through the pot, tipping away any excess in the ceramic or basket. This will prevent root rot.

During winter months, they require less water just be careful not to leave it to fully dry out for long periods of time. This can also be the cause of browning leaves.