Easter Collection

The Easter collection features plants to help you indulge in style. From our delicious artisan chocolate to easy care flowering options in stylish ceramics, there are great options for everyone.

  • Spring Loving Duo

    Spring Loving Duo

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  • Fern Terrarium

    Fern Terrarium

    Grown by usGrown by us
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  • Devil’s Ivy Marble Queen

    Devil’s Ivy Marble Queen

    From £20.50
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  • Asparagus Fern & Succulent Gang

    Asparagus Fern & Succulent Gang

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  • Gift of Love

    Gift of Love

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  • Peperomia Watermelon Houseplant

    Peperomia Watermelon Houseplant

    From £22.00
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  • Mini Cacti Plant Family

    Mini Cacti Plant Family

    From £46.00
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  • Orchid & Succulent in Concrete Pots

    Orchid & Succulent in Concrete Pots

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