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Top 10 Pet-Friendly Indoor Plants

Here at The Little Botanical, we love pets and so we understand the need for pet-friendly indoor plants to ensure your botanical buddies and furry friends to be able to live happily side-by-side. But if you’re a long-time plant lover and a pet owner then we’re sure you already know that this isn’t always as easy as it sounds because there are some indoor plants that are toxic to cats and dogs.

Image on the left is a cute white poodle style dog sitting on the floor next to a black and white spotty bowl with green houseplants around it. 

On the right is a black cat with two white back paws sitting on a copper table with a fern houseplant below. To the right of the car is another copper table with two potted houseplants and a copper watering can at the bottom.

From minor skin irritations to more severe sickness and diarrhoea, the exact ailments your pet may suffer will depend on several factors. This could include the plant involved and just how curious your furry friend was feeling. Given that plants are the 8th most reported pet toxin, and that they account for 6% of pet poison incidents, it’s definitely important for pet owners to know their way round indoor greenery.

The good news is that with the help of TLB, you absolutely don’t have to choose between your plants and your pets. In honour of ‘Pet Awareness Month’ which is ongoing from 1 April to 2 May 2022, we are doing our bit by drawing your attention to our pet friendly plant range. This makes it easy for you to create an urban jungle that won’t pose a threat to your four-legged friends.

On the left is a close up of a grey greyhound staring into the camera while lying on a rug.

On the right is a wider shot of a lounge with a grey greyhound lying on a run with potted plants behind it, and a copper and mango wood table to the right of it, which holds a number of green houseplants.

We have made it super easy to browse and choose pet-safe plants with a dedicated section on our website. This week, we want to take it one step further by highlighting our top 10 pet-friendly plants, making it simple for you to enjoy some stylish greenery, safe in the knowledge that it can be enjoyed by the whole family. Read on for the full rundown.

TLB’s Top 10 Pet-Friendly Indoor Plants

1 . Chinese Money Plant

Top of our list is the Chinese Money Plant, also known by its botanical name; Pilea Peperomioides. Thought to bring good luck, this plant will also bring an abundance of elegance and style to your home. It has gorgeous, deep green, round leaves growing gracefully from long stems.

On the left is a pug sitting on a bench at a table, with a number of green houseplants around it.

On the right is a close up of chinese money plant leaves

Keep your Chinese Money Plant happy with a light spot out of direct sunlight. Give him water once a week or so when the top layer of soil is dry.

2 . Calathea

Also known as the Prayer Plant thanks to the gentle prayer-like movement of the large colourful leaves which move upwards at dusk and open out again at dawn. We recommend placing this beauty somewhere that allows you to appreciate the stunning colours on display on both sides of the leaves. It’s a real feast for the eyes! For an extra wow factor, this striking beauty is also available in a bigger size.

On the left is a black cat surrounded by leaves of various houseplants. 

On the right is a Calathea in a black and straw belly basket next to another leafy green houseplant.

Your Calathea will appreciate a partially shaded spot away from direct sunlight and some water once a week. They also like humidity, so if you’re in the mood for a botanical bathroom, this guy is a good choice.

3 . Areca Palm

This big, palmy, tropical beauty will get all the jungle vibes going in your home. There’s so much to love about this plant. Of course, his pet-friendly credentials are a huge plus for all pet owners out there. His spray of long, yellowy green, palm-like leaves will add a vibrant pop of colour to your interior, and with a choice of sizes and bespoke ceramic pots or cotton and seagrass belly baskets, this beauty will add an instant wow factor.

On the left is a black cat with white paws sitting on a grey sofa with cushions and a pink blanket. To the right of the cat is a white side table that has a large areca palm in a belly basket sitting on it. Next to this is a copper and mango wood side table with a green houseplant in a copper pot and a small succulent in a black pot on it. At the corner of the image is another green houseplant.

On the right is a large areca palm in a belly basket sitting on a kitchen counter next to two more houseplants.

Give this gorgeous guy a well-lit spot but avoid direct sunlight as this can scorch his leaves. Water once a week when his soil is dry.

4 . Spider Plant

Channel some retro-chic with this next pick, the Spider Plant is a fab choice for those of you who are time poor or newbie plant parents as he is super easy to look after. He is available in a choice of bespoke stoneware and to really maximise those retro vibes, you could style him in a TLB handwoven, natural macrame plant hangers. A perfect space-saving solution for those cosy and intimate places.

On the left a grey greyhouse is sitting on a sofa with cream blankets and cushions. To the right of it is a spider plant in a grey pot.

On the right is a spider plant in a macrame hanger, against a sage green shiplap wooden wall and next to a cream lampshade with a rustic wooden base.

Your spider plant will enjoy a bright spot away from direct sunlight, you could consider a kitchen or bathroom as he’ll benefit from the higher humidity. Give him water once a week, allowing his soil to dry out a little between waterings.

5 . Boston Fern

These feathery fronds are just purrrfect for playful paws. Here at TLB, we do love a Boston Fern as part of a plantscape, their distinctive shape and texture add real variety to a plant gang to really bring it to life.

On the left is a black cat with two white back paws sitting on a copper table with a fern houseplant below. To the right of the car is another copper table with two potted houseplants and a copper watering can at the bottom.

On the right is a close up of a Boston fern plant.

Ferns can be a little trickier to care for than your average houseplant, but of them all, the Boston Fern is the easiest to get to grips with. Keep in mind that they love high humidity, so consider placing him in a kitchen or bathroom and mist him regularly. Avoid direct sunlight and water him regularly to keep the soil moist but not sodden.

6 . Blue Star Fern

Another pet-friendly fern option is this gorgeous Blue Star. His elongated stunning fronds are a soft, blue-green hue and will add fabulous contrast among any greenery you have on display. He is available in a choice of almond, charcoal or grey ceramics so will add instant style for you and your furry friends to enjoy.

Just like his Boston buddy, he is a fan of humidity so will enjoy being misted. He will appreciate slightly moist soil – avoid placing him in direct sunlight so that those luscious leaves don’t burn.

7. Haworthia

Another super option to consider for texture and interest is our range of succulents. Check out the gorgeous Haworthia, also known as the zebra plant thanks to the distinctive stripes on his spiky leaves. He is also a great choice if you are short on space. As with all succulents, he’ll add masses of style without taking up too much room. And as if all that wasn’t reason enough to ‘buy now’, he is also super easy to care for. He only needs a tiny bit of water under his leaves once every 1-2 months!

On the left is a haworthia plant in a grey and copper dipped pot sitting in a wooden hexagonal shelf. 

On the right is a close up of a haworthia's leaves.

8 . Trailing Plants

If you want a bang on-trend, trailing beauty that is kind to your pets, then look no further than this exotic selection of trailing plants. The tiny leaves on this beauty boast an adorable pattern that resembles a turtle shell, and they trail elegantly from their TLB bespoke ceramic; choose between grey with a copper accent or grey with a varnished base, whichever suits your space best! If you really do love the idea of a trailing display, why not check out our options.

On the left is a string of turtles plant in a grey pot. 

On the right is a string of turtles plant in a copper and grey pot sitting on some boos next to another succulent in a pot.

This green beauty originates from the tropical region of Ecuador. It will thrive in a bright spot with plenty of humidity. Give him water when the top layer of soil is dry, usually every 1-2 weeks and keep him out of direct sunlight.

9 . Mini Orchid

Colourful and long-lasting, Orchids are not just pretty, but pet friendly too! The perfect pick me up gift for a pet loving friend or to add a pop of colour to your own home – these beautiful little blooms will enhance any space. Enjoy the theatre of watching the blooms open. Coming in five different colours: orange, yellow, white, pink and mauve, you can choose the perfect indoor plant to match your interior.

Mini Orchids on a shelf and a close up photo of a purple orchid bloom

If you are a lover of orchids, go check out the rest of our Orchid range.

Please note that as this is a natural plant, the pattern and colour of the Orchid may vary from the photos.

10 . Watermelon Peperomia

For variety and contrast in your pet-friendly indoor jungle, this last pick has been worth the wait. This stunning beauty has a uniquely beautiful pattern that resembles, you’ve guessed it, a watermelon. The distinctive two-tone pattern on these luscious leaves makes this pet safe houseplant a top choice in the style stakes too. And in even better news, he is long-lasting and easy to look after.

On the left is a watermelon peperomia plant in a grey pot on a tray next to a cup of coffee.

On the right is a wooden sideboard with a tray of drinks and succulent next to a watermelon peperomia plant in a grey pot and a haworthia succulent in a black and gold dipped pot.

Simply pop him in a bright spot and give him water every 10 days or so. For more detailed information about caring for this fab, pet-safe plant, check out our care guide. It tells you all about how to look after your watermelon peperomia.

There it is, the rundown of our top 10 picks of indoor plants that will keep your pooch pals and feline friends happy. But before we go, we do have a couple more pet safe options for all you pet lovers out there. As you may know, here at The Little Botanical we do like an abundance of greenery to be on display, you just can’t beat an indoor jungle in our opinion! If like us, you too prefer multiple plants to display, and would like to give your furry friends their very own indoor jungle to play in, we have the solution for you! We have created two plant gangs especially for the pet lovers among you.  

First up is the aptly named Pet Lovers Bundle. This is a trio of three indoor plants that have been specifically chosen thanks to their non-toxic status to pets. This plant gang combines the Calathea with a Haworthia and a Spider Plant, potted in gorgeous ceramics that are sure to complement your décor. Ready-made green style to keep you and your pets happy.

On the left is a grey greyhouse lying on a sofa with cream blankets and cushions with lots of pet-friendly houseplants around it.

On the right is a group of three plants that are not toxic to pets - a Calathea with a Haworthia and a Spider Plant, all in grey pots.

Alternatively (or as well as…), take a look at the Pet Friendly Plant Bundle which again combines three plants chosen especially because they are non-toxic to pets, but also because they combine a fab variety of green colour and texture for your home. This set contains a Spider Plant, a Boston Fern and a Medium Peperomia.

We hope you have found this blog useful for choosing the right pet-friendly indoor plants for your home or office space. If you have any questions about our pet-friendly houseplant range, please do get in touch at [email protected]. And please tag us on insta in any snaps of your four-legged friends enjoying their greenery, we’d love to see them; @thelittebotanical.

 Until next time plant, and pet people

With Love

Team TLB x

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