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New Year Trends from Team TLB

Are you one for New Year’s resolutions and turning over a new leaf? We are all about being kind to ourselves and making our homes a sanctuary this year. Bringing the outside in and improving our wellbeing was also on the top of our resolution list this year in Team TLB.  With refreshing your home in mind, we asked the team about their thoughts on home styles and new year trends.

We think New Year is a great time of year to think about giving your interior a little refresh and adding to your plant gang. Here are our teams thoughts on the top trends and best houseplants in 2023 to help keep you bang on trend for the year ahead. They will be showing you how you can bring these trends to life in your own homes with their top picks from the TLB range of plants and homewares.

Stylish, botanical interiors at the click of a button, happy days!

Pretty Pastels

Morag, Louisa and Nicola are all agreed that pretty pastels, pinks and lilacs in particular, will continue to feature in stylish new year trends. There are several options within the TLB range of plants and homewares that will enable you plant lovers to elevate your botanical style by maximising this pretty pink trend, and we all know that green and pink is a winning combo.

The Echeveria Lilacina succulent, also known as a ghost plant, is a gorgeously chic choice. The distinctive lilac grey hue of the foliage is oh-so-pretty and they are super easy to look after too. He is available in a choice of TLB branded ceramics, but why not choose the gorgeous pink and copper to really maximise this trend.

For a leafier vibe, have a look at the stunningly unique Syngonium Pink Butterfly. The beautiful soft pink hue on his foliage will effortlessly brighten up your home for a trendy, stylish interior. And he’s a low-maintenance beauty too. Simply choose a bright spot away from direct sunlight and give him a drink when the soil is dry. This is needed approximately every 7 to 10 days.

The next pink hero is the Calathea Angela, with its stunning patterned display in tones of pinks and greens across his large leaves. Keep him out of direct sunlight, water him every 7 to 10 days and treat him to an occasional mist to keep him happy. And for a more in-depth review of this striking beauty, read our blog All About the Calathea.  

Deep Greens & Blues

The new year trend prediction from Jess is for natural tones of dusky greens and soft blues to play a big role in the style stakes. To include this trend in your home this year have a look at these top picks from team TLB.

An Aloe Vera really is the plant that keeps on giving, his distinctive dusky green, upright fleshy leaves are a joy to behold, those leaves are packed full of an amazing healing and soothing gel and to top it off, he’s an air-purifying king. All in all, a fab choice to bring into your home in the new year, especially when he’s styled in our super stylish grey concrete ceramic with a varnished base.

Make a big style statement with the gorgeous deep green leaves of our Mini Dracaena Head. This small but mighty houseplant comes styled in a choice of our bespoke, metallic-dipped ceramics and is oh-so-easy to care for.

Our Chinese Money Plant, also known as a Pilea Peperomioides, is an ever-popular choice for a stylish indoor jungle. This showstopping plant boasts an abundance of stunning round, deep green leaves on the end of long stems and we’ve styled him in your choice of an understated grey, almond or charcoal stoneware. If your interest is piqued, read our blog to learn more about How to Care for the Chinese Money Plant.

Ferns make a wonderful addition to a plant-scape as there’s lots of choice and they bring masses of interest and texture too. For maximising the green and blue hue, there are two that we are particularly fond of.

The Staghorn Fern is a relatively new addition to the TLB range and this fine specimen is a joy to behold. His deep green, antler-like fronds will make a bold statement in your living space that’s guaranteed to raise a smile. The uniqueness of this majestic beauty can sometimes be a little daunting but don’t worry, here’s our handy guide all about How to Care for a Staghorn Fern.

Another fab fern option is the Blue Star Fern, which really plays into the soft blues style trend. The elongated fronds on this stunning houseplant are gorgeously greeny-blue in colour and will bring an elegant air to your home. This guy is sure to take your plant style up a notch.

Dark & Interesting

Morag’s predicting deep, dark leafy plants will make waves in the horticultural world this year. Trista shares that patterned and textured plants will still be hugely sought after as we move through the new year. Keep reading to discover some gorgeous plants in our range that fit beautifully into these trends.

The simply stunning Calathea Ornata fits these trends beautifully. With his oversized, oval leaves in deepest green contrasting wonderfully with thin stripes of pink, it’s easy to see why this plant is also known as the Pinstripe Plant.

Begonias are well-known for their distinctive patterns. Also known as the Polka Dot Begonia, the Begonia Maculata will delight you with his stunning display of white dots against deep green leaves. The visual treat doesn’t stop there, as the underside of his leaves are a gorgeous deep reddish purple colour. Pure potted wow-factor!

The Begonia Beleaf or Begonia Rex as they are also known, are bright, bold and beautiful with a stunning array of colours on their leafy foliage. Just gorgeous but probably best avoided if you are time-poor or a newbie plant parent as he does require a little extra TLC to keep him happy and thriving. Totally worth it for those who have the time to put in though!

For anyone looking to add texture, look no further than the utterly unique Coconapple in a macramé plant hanger. This unusual plant provides a trio of textures; the plant itself is a pineapple potted into a coconut husk and to complete the texture-full trio we’ve styled it in our bespoke, natural macramé plant hanger. Textured style to please any plant-loving, interior enthusiast.

New Year Trends Beyond Houseplants

In addition to our fab range of indoor plants, our TLB range of homewares provides some fab options for bringing these trends to life, designed to perfectly complement your green beauties and elevate your interior style.

Have a look at our new range of luxury candles, the four specially developed, bespoke scents are hand-poured into one of our reactive glazed ceramics. Each scent is paired with a different colour, either soft pink, cool blue, deep green or sultry black and each colour complements these style predictions beautifully.

Did you know that to update your look at home, changing around the ceramics can completely transform your plant collection. Our bespoke ceramics can be purchased individually to update that look.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading the insights from our team about new plant and home trends for 2023 and that we’ve provided you with some inspiration for refreshing your home with gorgeously on-trend plant picks. Please do get in touch if you have any questions at [email protected].

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