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The Little Botanical's exciting collaborations at the Chelsea Flower Show

As the vibrant blooms of the Chelsea Flower Show prepare to captivate garden enthusiasts…

13 May 2024 | Green Inspiration

As the vibrant blooms of the Chelsea Flower Show prepare to captivate garden enthusiasts, The Little Botanical is thrilled to highlight our inspiring collaborations that champion both horticultural beauty and environmental sustainability. Our partnerships with Malvern Garden Buildings, Growing Revolution, ICL and Vinco Marketing exemplify our commitment to bringing the serenity of nature into every corner of your life.

Malvern Garden Buildings: Crafting Spaces where Nature meets Nurture

At the heart of our display at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show are the elegant and beautifully crafted Houseplant Studios provided by Malvern Garden Buildings. These structures are not just buildings; they are sanctuaries where the lush, green life of houseplants thrives. Malvern’s bespoke designs blend seamlessly into any garden space, enhancing the natural beauty of the outdoors and providing a perfect backdrop for our diverse plant collections.
These studios demonstrate the versatility of integrating indoor gardening with outdoor aesthetics, allowing everyone to celebrate nature without boundaries. Whether nestled in a cosy garden corner or making a statement in a spacious backyard, Malvern Garden Buildings’ structures invite nature lovers to cultivate their green thumbs in style, making every plant display a testament to the beauty of organized, living art.

We have filled the Houseplant Studio for Chelsea Flower Show with a gorgeous selection of British Grown Peat-Free greenery, all grown by us.

Growing Revolution: Bringing the Jungle to your Home

In collaboration with Growing Revolution, The Little Botanical is turning indoor spaces into lush, vertical gardens. Growing Revolution’s innovative living wall systems allow for a breathtaking display of greenery that brings the wild beauty of the jungle right into your home. This partnership is particularly exciting because it merges aesthetic appeal with practicality. Here at The Little Botanical, we dove headfirst into the experience whilst creating our exclusive Union Jack Living Wall, adorned with our own British grown, peat-free houseplants. Designed as a picturesque backdrop for photography, this pioneering setup truly accentuates the beauty of these magnificent plants.

The living wall kits designed by Growing Revolution are not only stunning but also incredibly user-friendly, ensuring that anyone can install and maintain their own verdant oasis with ease. Whether you’re crafting a feature wall in your living room or a green partition in your office or greening up the outdoors, these living walls transform any space into a vibrant sanctuary, enhancing air quality and boosting wellbeing

Living wall category image

ICL: Pioneering Sustainability in Horticulture

Sustainability is at the core of The Little Botanical’s ethos, which is why our collaboration with ICL is so vital. ICL provides us with a peat-free growing medium, which is crucial for sustainable horticulture. By moving away from peat and embracing alternative growing media, we are not only nurturing our houseplants but also the planet.
This year at the Chelsea Flower Show, ICL will play a pivotal role in educating attendees about the importance of peat-free alternatives. Their expertise and commitment to sustainable growing solutions make them an invaluable partner in our quest to lead the horticultural industry towards a more environmentally friendly future.

Peat Free

Vinco Marketing: Bringing Our Vision to Life

Design plays a pivotal role at The Little Botanical, and our partnership with Vinco Marketing has been instrumental in realising our vision. With their expertise and our long-standing relationship, they were the perfect choice to bring our design brief to fruition, seamlessly integrating all elements.

From captivating artwork to enhancing display messaging and crafting stylish tags and information boards, Vinco Marketing’s dedication and artistic flair have breathed life into our design concept. The result? We couldn’t be more thrilled.

Their deep understanding and effective conveyance of our “Plants with Soul” message are evident throughout our Houseplant studio at Chelsea. The carefully curated display boards and messaging enrich the experience for visitors, allowing them to truly connect with our brand.

The collaborations between The Little Botanical and Vinco Marketing underscore the significance of design in conveying brand identity and fostering meaningful connections with our customers.

Join Us at the Chelsea Flower Show

We are looking forward to welcoming all you lovely plant people and eco-conscious gardeners to the Chelsea Flower Show from 21st – 25th May 2024 to our plant-filled exhibit housed in the artfully designed Malvern Garden Buildings. And  if you aren’t able to visit, to experience these innovative collaborations first-hand, why not follow us on social media to explore and find out more.  We’ll be sharing our vision and the how we created the exhibit in collaboration with  Malvern Garden Buildings, Vinco Marketing, Growing Revolution and ICL.

We are excited to celebrate British Horticulture and the beauty of nature at The Little Botanical Houseplant Studio at the Chelsea Flower Show 2024.

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